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Elle Fanning to star in 'The Great' as Catherine the Great

Elle Fanning to star in ‘The Great’ as Catherine the Great

Hulu has just released a fuller trailer of it upcoming show, 'The Great'. Elle Fanning will be starring as the iconic Catherine The Great.

Elle Fanning is the most recent choice to portray the monarch in HBO’s series, The Great. Hulu dropped the full trailer of its’ new series about Catherine The Great’s rise to power.

This is what we know so far about The Great

The Great, starring Elle Fanning, will focus on Catherine’s The Great’s coup and will also address the long time rumor of the murder of her husband. But this show will not depict battles for power, unlike Games of Thrones. Catherine and Peter are shown to be making jokes. And between all that, they also threaten to kill one another in a jovial setting. And the show takes to a point that focuses on the absurdity of it all.

The setting of The Great

Catherine The Great was HBO’s sober scripture on how the empress revolutionized her country.  It was written by Tony McNamara, the screenwriter of The Favorite. The Favorite was an award-winning and very funny movie of 2019. And The Great will be anything but sober now that Tony McNamara is behind it. We can rest assured that it will have a novel take on comedy to it, unlike its HBO version.

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McNamara talking to Indie Wire says:

“On one level, she’s Catherine the Great, who marries [the son of] Peter the Great, and that’s a big story. On another level that’s quite contemporary, it’s about a woman who marries the wrong person and then has to go, ‘What do I do? Do I kill him?”

Fanning said that the although the show is based on events from history, it will not be historically correct. And that is leaving room to experiment. Something both the cast members are looking forward to.

The show will debut on Hulu on May 15, 2020.