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Doja Cat offers sexiest incentive if Say So hits #1

Doja Cat offers sexiest incentive if Say So hits #1

Doja Cat is a 24-year-old beauty with amazing vocals. Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini got famous after her single Mooo music video went viral in 2018. She has gained a strong following since then. The fans love her and they are always there to support her. That’s why, they are proving their loyalty to Doja Cat as soon as her Say So remix with Nicki Minaj came out on May 1, 2020. There are 99% chances that the song might hit #1 spot on the charts soon. And if that happens, Doja has a hot & sexy incentive for her fans.

Doja Cat’s sexiest incentive….take a guess

Now, if you are wondering what can possibly be the incentive, then you might not have checked her social accounts yet. The Nicki Minaj remix has gone viral. In fact, despite the controversial “sexuality” lyrics of Nicki in the remix version, Doja Cat is still hopeful that the song is good enough to top the charts soon.

However, it will take some time to achieve that goal and Doja needs her fans help. That’s why, she has decided to offer an incentive that no-one can say “no” to. Here it is:

And what are the fans doing? They are getting ready for it.

Fans react to the offer

Many fans are excited after seeing Doja Cat’s incentive offer. They are joining hands, spreading the word, and even started a streaming party for the Say So remix.

Moreover, they are saving screenshots of Doja’s tweet. Just in case if her song hits #1 spot and she forgets her promise.

While others are talking, a few fans are actually using creativity to get Say So remix on #1 spot. They have done the maths, and if you want the incentive, you can join their team.

Since the clean version is expected to drop soon, this fan will be joining the Doja Cat team soon as well.

Are you waiting for the clean version as well? Let us know in the comments below. (A random thought, why are some people demanding for “clean version” under Doja’s explicit tweet?)