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Playboy Holly Madison Dons Sultry Princess Leia Outfit On Star Wars Day

Playboy Holly Madison Dons Sultry Princess Leia Outfit On Star Wars Day

She is a dedicated Star Wars fan and that fact has certainly turned out to become a treat for most of us. Former playboy Holly Madison jumped on the bandwagon of 4th May, which was the Star Wars Day to stock up on the phrase ‘may the Force be with you’. The 40-year-old Girls Next Door star looked nowhere near her age as she chose to become THAT Princess Leia from the 1983 movie Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. She posted a selfie on Instagram to pay tribute to the day by wearing an outfit that the late Carrie Fischer made stupendously famous as Princess Leia.

Playboy Holly Madison Dresses To Become Leia

In a snap, Madison whisked up her blonde hair with a single braid hanging down just like Leia Organa when Jabba the Hutt had held her captive and a slave. The showgirl hid her bust in a metallic undershirt, that matched with her plated bikini bottom that had a maroonish sash skirt attached to it. As one leg posed out from the skirt, she wowed people with her beautiful skin. Seeing is believing everyone, so take a look at the star playboy girl Holly Madison.

It looks like the former Playboy was planning this dress-up for weeks now. It was around two weeks ago when Madison posted a picture in a similar outfit. However, back then she was talking about dressing up for Halloween.

Notice how the playboy girl Madison went for the extra step by attaching a choker with a chain around her neck? This was similar to how Princess Leia was held against her will by Jabba as well. “You already know what day it is”, the fangirl typed down the caption.