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Did you know Paris Hilton voted for Donald Trump in 2016?

Did you know Paris Hilton voted for Donald Trump in 2016?

Paris Hilton recently revealed her true-self in her new documentary ‘This is Paris’. Personally, I loved it. It was raw, unfiltered, and showed that Paris isn’t the shallow caricature of a Barbie influencer that people thought she was. Though some followers online are pointing out the fact that Paris Hilton voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Me, being a new fan of hers, found this utterly shocking. How? Why? What!

It is true…she did vote for Donald Trump

Now, it must be noted that just her voting for Donald Trump doesn’t remove any of the pain that she went through and how she’s vowing to ensure children don’t suffer the abuse she and other survivors dealt with. However, having said that, I’m really hoping she doesn’t support Donald Trump anymore because well his administration has had drastic and negative consequences on many aspects of American life.

The reason why she voted for him is that she knew him his whole life. The Trump family and the Hilton family were close it seems:

“I’ve known him since I’m [sic] a little girl. So yes.”

Well, she has the freedom to vote for anyone she wants. But damn.

Paris Hilton also believes that Donald Trump is a nice person:

“I think on TV people like to say things about certain people, but he’s actually a very sweet person. I like him a lot”.

She also initially said that she didn’t believe the women accusing Trump of sexual harassment. Paris said that the women were just looking for attention. After dealing with a lot of backlash, Paris Hilton took the comments back.

Paris even hopes to run for president herself…

This is something that makes sense because she’s always been a dedicated entrepreneur. Whatever she sets her mind to, she mostly accomplishes. Having big dreams like making millions of dollars and running for president is something you can expect out of Paris Hilton. After seeing her documentary, ‘This is Paris’, it was easy to see that there is a real passion behind each of her goals.

She also shared that if she were to become the president of the USA one day, the White House would become the Pink House. That’s also not shocking since pink is her signature color.

Some fans were finding her being a Trump Supporter, while others were saying that it should not matter as she only voted for him due to her family loyalties. For example, user “_KayRie” pointed out:

fan taking Paris Hilton side

Personally, I agree with this sentiment especially since it took a while for people to truly understand what Donald Trump stands for.

Moreover, Paris Hilton has shown that she’s not afraid to evolve into a better version of herself.