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Daniel Howell Explains Why Pride Month is Important to Him

Pride month has all but ended but not with one last post from Daniel Howell. The Youtuber came out earlier this Pride Month and now he shares some thoughts on how he’s spending pride.

Daniel Howell’s Thoughts On Pride

The Youtuber took to his twitter account to say a few things about Pride Month and we agree. Quoting him,

as a fresh gay i’m looking forward to pride as a party and celebration where i can be myself without fear as an angry gay i’m looking forward to pride being an actually inclusive political protest so our shit world can get better it can be both and that’s pretty rad

Honestly, mood.

Dan’s Coming Out

Daniel Howell’s coming out this Pride Month has been the highlight of Pride. The beautiful video that he came out with has helped so many closeted gays. Though the video was long but trust us when we say we’ve got it on repeat. Dan’s coming out story was heartfelt and relatable. Now that he’s come out, fans are speculating about who is Daniel Howell’s boyfriend. Some fans from the fandom believe its his fellow YouTuber Phil Lester. Though as much as we’d like to believe that we won’t and we’ll urge fans to stop bombarding Dan with this question.

Hopefully one day when he’s comfortable enough, we’ll know who really is Daniel Howell’s boyfriend. Until then support Dan and end your Pride with a binge of all the LGBT movies we’ve listed for you.