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Mena Massoud And Naomi Scott Are Longing For The Aladdin Days

It seems that both Aladdin(Mena Massoud) and his princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott ) are terribly missing each other. Currently, Both the actors are collecting the fortunes of Disney’s third live-action animated transformation ‘Aladdin’.

Naomi Scott And Mena Massoud Pine For the Aladdin Days

Aladdin Princess Naomi Scott has recently shared a Tweet from Mena Massoud in which the Egyptian dude posted about missing her as well as good wishes for Naomi for her next production Charlie’s Angels.

Disney’s live-action adaptation of Aladdin was released on May 24th. The Egyptian actor Mena Massoud played the title role of Aladdin while Naomi Scott paired him as Princess Jasmine. Will Smith, however, leads the rest in his iconic Genie disguise. The film received huge global applause. Besides the great success of the movie, the leading pair also enjoyed a healthy relationship that developed between them during the shootings. And now after a month of the release of the movie they are posting missing tweets to each other.

Disney’s high grosser Aladdin is still generating cash. In fact, on Friday the film earned $2.9 million. This live-action adaptation of Disney’s animated classic belonged to the world-famous One Thousand and one Nights Stories. The movie is, basically, the story of a charming street thug Aladdin, the bold and beautiful  Princess Jasmine and the popular Genie who, actually, blew life in the whole film.

Naomi Scott in Charlie’s Angels Movie

Director Elizabeth Banks gathered her Charlie’s Angels cast to star in the 2019 reboot feature film of the same name. It is an upcoming 2019 American action comedy directed by Elizabeth Banks. As a matter of fact, the 2019 version is the third installment in the Charlie’s Angels film series. These films are also adapted from Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts directed popular TV series of the same name.

The first trailer of the upcoming movie dropped on Thursday. the film showcases the iconic trio  Kristen Stewart,  Naomi Scott and debut performance from British star Ella Balinska.

Scott belongs to England. Her father is British and mother is an  Indian descent. She is popular for her role in British Disney Life Bites ( 2008 ) and the American Disney Lemonade Mouth. Her breakthrough role, however, is  Kimberly the Pink Ranger in Power Rangers.

Mena Masoud’s Upcoming Projects

On the other hand, Mena Massoud voices for the lead role of Rumi in the upcoming animated feature film “Lamya’s Poem”. Massoud, in fact, voices Jalal, the young Rumi character in the film. The young actor also  stars as Tarek Kassar in the series “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.”

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