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Daisy Keech exposes Hype House co-founders

There is trouble in paradise at the world imaginable time. I’m not really into TikTok but even I know about the famous Hype House. The group was launched right after Christmas. And in just three months, it is broken. Everyone has a story to tell, or rather most of them are keeping their mouth shut. However, one co-founder, Daisy Keech, is not going to keep shush any longer. She has truth to tell, and she just uploaded a YouTube video titled Truth about the Hype House. Before going into details, let’s find out what happened in the past few weeks.

Hype House co-founders & an armed guard

Daisy Keech formed the Hype House with her ex-best friend, Thomas Petrou. They made the decision and asked Chase Hudson to join them as a co-founder. Ultimately, five people joined hands to form the Hype House, a content collective. They also invested capital to get their own house, a 6,600 square foot villa. But now, Daisy Keech has filed a lawsuit against Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou for going behind her back and making deals, while not including her.

She visited the Hype House earlier in March, with an armed guard for her protection. It was her last visit to the house to get her things from the villa. Things must have been pretty nasty. Otherwise, why would she take an armed guard with her?

Keech and Hudson invested $18,000 each while Thomas Petrou, Annon and Warren invested $5000 each. It was enough to deposit for the mansion, now called Hype House. They were using their smartphones to shoot the content for TikTok. Therefore, their expenses were not much. Other than to fill out the refrigerator with food. The rest of the Hype House members, including Charli D’Amelio, joined later.

Daisy Keech spills the tea

In her latest video, Daisy Keech explains everything in detail. And she says she will not address these issues again, so it’s a very important video coming from her. Moreover, the video does not have ads on it, that also shows how serious she is. Keech made the video to share her perspective.

I genuinely love and care about everyone in the Hype House. And I wish them the best. And I wish them true happiness.

Daisy Keech believes that everyone in the Hype House has a good heart. The number jumped to 19 from 5 pretty quickly. And she likes all the creators. However, Keech believes it’s easy to get caught up in the L.A life.

Thomas Petrou and Daisy Keech met at Team 10 house. But he was let go from the team, and he told Keech that he has no place to go to. So Keech decided to hire him as her full-time photographer and editor.

I spent countless hours to help this kid change his mindset.

His mindset used to be very negative, and Keech tried her level best to turn it into positive. After some time, he pitched her the idea of a content house. And he had recently done a shoot for Chase Hudson, so that is how he was included in the mix.

Forming Hype House

When they picked the mansion online and met the realtor, he told them the deposit would be $46000. When they had collected the amount, Chase even made a TikTok with all the cash. So, they got the house and they moved in. The Hype House became famous and they started to get the media attention. The first interview was with the New York Times. Keech confessed she was very intimidated by the NYT production team because it was her first experience at such a young age. And she believed that Thomas and Chase would support all the other co-founders.

However, they took over the interview. Keech kept her mouth shut throughout the whole interview, and she did not get the recognition of a major investor. After that, she talked to them and asked them to give recognition in the future press interviews. But it did not happen. And the interviews were done without her.

Then she got a call from her manager that all the news articles are saying Chase and Thomas started the Hype House. And Chase put down all the money.

I can literally pull up the receipts of me and Chase paying the same exact amount.

She confronted Thomas again, and he said: ‘Well, you weren’t there’. They had a talk “again”, and he agreed that other co-founders including Keech deserve recognition. However, he kept highlighting himself and Chase as the founders.

Thomas Petrou becomes sketchy

After that, Thomas Petrou became sketchy and wouldn’t share email passwords, etc with Daisy Keech and others. They had no idea what brands were coming for sponsorship and what deals were being planned. All they were told was the products were “product for exposure” collaboration. And the rest of the members did not know whether it was paid or not.

Even though he claimed there was no money involved, Keech said he’d get expensive items for himself like $8,000 Cartier bracelet. He also bragged about buying a new Tesla soon. Daisy Keech questions that if Hype House was not making any money then how was he getting all of these items.

Daisy Keech accuses Thomas for not sharing Instagram account password as well.

He loves to have power. He loves to be able to tell people what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

Keech claims he was turning the down into dictatorship, a house he barely paid for. There was no transparency. He asked her to manipulate someone into joining the house team. The thing that hurts her the most is, she kept defending his moves by saying he has too much on his plate.

When she realized how things were working in the house, she started to speak up for herself. And Thomas started to cut her off then.

Daisy Keech was never accepted as a co-founder?

Keech further added that Thomas was once having a discussion with her lawyer. And he said that he is the only businessman here while Daisy is just a hot Instagram model with a shelf life.

We’re talking about my best f****** friend. I gave him a job when he was fired and he had no money.

When she confronted him again, he said it was not his intention. Sensing the future, Keech filed for trademark. And Thomas tried to talk her out of it by saying she filed it incorrectly. She kept asking for a defined internal structure and he kept putting it off. When she asked for percentage allocation of the ownership, he started to ignore her and her lawyer’s calls.

She visited the Hype House to confront him and found a whole production team in the house working on a video she was not told about. After their argument, Thomas unfollowed her on social media, held a meeting and asked everyone to unfollow her. And block her.

Daisy Keech feels disrespected, degraded and abused. And most of all,

f****** disappointed.

Now she believes Thomas used her for her money only. But in the end, she is forgiving him.

She is opening up a new house, and we wish her all the best. Daisy Keech also shared helpful tips at the end of the video for everyone who is starting a new business.

On the other side, Thomas Petrou is calling it all lies in his Instagram stories. Do you think Daisy Keech is lying? Will Thomas Petrou address the accusations?