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DaBaby’s Slap Victim Is Planning To Take Legal Action

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, also known as the DaBaby, was supposed to perform at Tampa  Bar. He was making his way to the stage when a woman tried taking his picture. DaBaby smacked her accidentally after another woman poked his face(with the phone). The news spread all over the Internet. Following this, DaBaby issued an apology. However, his victim is not planning to forgive him.

What was the reason behind DaBaby’s unexpected reaction?

As per sources, the woman who accidentally touched his face with the phone had the flashlight on, which might have triggered him to react in such an unexpected way. DaBaby turned back and smacked the woman right in the face, that too with full force.

Two sides of the story

After the incident, his fans were not happy. DaBaby did not just slap a woman, he also left the show without performing. Later, he issued an apology.  However, the apology does not sound legitimate to most people. And they are finding it very cold.

On the other hand, DaBaby’s slap victim was given a form by the Sheriffs. So that she can file charges against the rapper. Tyronesha, the woman who was smacked in the face by DaBaby, explained the worst-case scenario with the famous tabloid news source, TMZ.

She mentioned that:

My cheekbone was hurt and tender. So, I did go to the hospital. And I was diagnosed with a concussion. He still made a joke about it. Like yesterday, he uploaded something on his page in a clothing store. Making a joke about it. I don’t feel like he was sincere with the apology. I got embarrassed.

The Victim Tells What Happened

Tyronesha told TMZ about the whole incident. She was at the picture booth when security started asking people to move. So, everyone moved out of the day. In fact, a lady was standing next to Tyronesha. She pulled out her camera to take a picture of DaBaby. Tyronesha even confirmed that the lady was wearing a blue-sleeved romper-style dress. She couldn’t see what happened next. All she remembers is DaBaby suddenly slapping her.

She explained further :

They did not offer me a medical service. They gave me a hard time at first trying to give me a police report. And I demanded that I was not going to leave without a police report. Because of the fact that I had witnesses, even the security of the club witnessed me getting slapped.

She also mentioned that her lawyer is in contact with the other party.

DaBaby’s Lawyer

On the other hand, DaBaby’s lawyer thinks that the slap victim is lying. If you look at this video from 0:47-0:53, DaBaby is making fun of the whole situation on social media.

There is a little confusion here which makes things a little more interesting. Drew Findling, also known as the #billiondollarlawyer, is handling DaBaby’s alleged slap case. He says a lot of people are approaching his law firm claiming to be DaBaby’s slap victim. The original victim is not identified at the moment.

Some people are saying that DaBaby and his #billiondollarlawyer are trying to move the spotlight from the actual incident. What are your thoughts on it?

Stay tuned for more updates.