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Niall Horan & James Corden Take On Hot Wings

Niall Horan & James Corden Take On Hot Wings

The episode of “The late late show with James Corden” on March 10, 2020, has a sketch being played out by Niall Horan and James himself. Not only that, in fact, Niall will be seen in a lot more episodes this week.

Niall Horan and James Corden eat hot wings

The two friends go out to watch a football game in a bar. As they felt like the moment called for hot wings, they asked the waitress. But what they heard from her was that the mild ones are for children. Now, to feed their respective egos they decide to order spicy ones although it is quite obvious that they are mild wings guys.

They are offered water but they laughed at the idea of having water with spicy wings. Soon as they bite into their food they realize their mistake. James Corden chugs down the remains of his beer and Niall Horan asks him whether it is too hot for him. He denies it and replies that he ran here from his house. So, he is just a little out of breath.

James Corden is clearly having a difficult time keeping his cool. So he decides to distract Niall Horan to watch the touchdown attentively. When his plan works and Niall looks away, he grabs a baby’s milk bottle and chugs it down as well. Now Niall plans to walk to the TV and to drink as much of the drinks nearby as he can. In the meantime, James throws the wings away. After that, the waitress comes and asks them to order the crazy spicy wings as well.