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Complex's Netflix's Sneakerheads Stars King Bach

Complex’s Netflix’s Sneakerheads Stars King Bach

King Bach or Andrew B. Bachelor is a name almost every Vine user would be familiar with. When the platform was still functioning, he was the most followed content creator on there with 11.3 million followers. Since then he has developed his career as an actor and internet personality working in movies such as The Babysitter (2017) and Coffee and Kareem (2020). Now, King Bach is set to star in Complex Networks’s new Netflix series, Sneakerheads. The movie casts him as best friend to Allen Maldonado’s character Devin. Talking to Complex, Maldonado says the series is for sneakerheads across the world.

Sneakerheads is a fun and adventurous take on the world of sneakers from the scope of an ex-sneakerhead, who ‘relapses. This is for sneakerheads worldwide, we putting on for you.

Details on King Bach’s new Netflix series – Sneakerheads.

So the series comes out on the 25th of September for all the streamers. So far, several details on the show are out. King Bach has yet to say his words on Sneakerheads. Showrunner and producer, Jay Longino personally associates with the concept of the show.

When I was a kid growing up in Atlanta, MJ gave me a pair of his game-worn White Cement 4s after he dropped 48 in them against the Hawks. A few years later, my mom accidentally sold them in a garage sale. I obviously didn’t know it at the time, but that moment was the seed that ultimately grew into Sneakerheads.

The series follows a sneakers enthusiast who is now a stay at home dad, Devin (Allen Maldonado). His best friend, Bobby (King Bach) brings him back into the world of Sneakerheads with his idea. The two put a team of fellow sneaker lovers together to search for Zeros, the ultimate holy grail for the enthusiasts. If you’re a Sneaker Enthusiast, this show is for you.