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Chris Hemsworth's Mother Looks Stunningly Young In Mother's Day Post

Chris Hemsworth’s Mother Looks Stunningly Young In Mother’s Day Post

Chris Hemsworth might have posted the image to serve a different purpose, but it has become so much more now. In a sweet Mother’s Day post, Chris Hemsworth posed alongside his mother and Elsa Pataky for a selfie but fans are seeing something else as well. The 60-year-old Leonie Hemsworth is looking astonishingly young for her age in the adorable photograph. In fact, she looks around 20 years younger, similar to the 43-year-old wife Pataky. The Avengers and Extraction star put his arms around her mom to wish her on the annual day for mothers.

Chris Hemsworth’s Mother Rocks A Young Look

It is not every day Chris Hemsworth posts a picture of his mother on social media, the same goes for brother Liam. However, whenever they do that fans are always there to point out Leonie’s youthful looks. One fan even tried to compare his mother with his wife Pataky:

“Your mom and your wife look the same age and that is NOT a dig at your babe wife, sorry but where does your mother hide the painting that ages instead of her”

Seeing is believing, so have a look at Chris Hemsworth’s mother everyone:

Amazingly, the Marvel star has received over 4 million likes on his Instagram post. Now, this could be for all the reasons, but who says it isn’t for Leonie’s young looks as well? She is the mother of three very talented boys: Luke, Liam, and Chris. For Luke Hemsworth, he just finished filming for season 3 of Westworld, and we believe there is more action for him in season 4 too. Leonie married to Craig Hemsworth, and whenever these two step out together, it is understandable why they have three beautiful sons.

What if Chris, or others, also carry the genes to look young even after crossing 60 just like their mother? Most of us would start to drool over the thought!