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This NikkieTutorials and Davina Michelle Collab is everything!

This NikkieTutorials and Davina Michelle Collab is everything!

NikkieTutorials did what fans asked of her. Recently, Makeup Guru and fellow Sister Queen James Charles did a singing my make-up routine video. After that, Nikkie De Jager fans asked the Dutch makeup artist to do the same. However, the diva found herself in a bit of a frenzy as she believes she cannot sing. So, what does she do? Invite Dutch Singer Davina Michelle to do a collab video! And guys, it is something that we did not know we needed in our lives. The entire video is just wow! Nikkie’s make up skills and Davina’s voice make for the sweetest most amazing video ever. The video is basically Davina using 4 of her epic hits and changing their lyrics to the makeup routine of Nikkie.

sddefault NikkieTutorials Davina Michelle

Since they cannot go on to sing forever, as NikkieTutorials videos usually take an hour in the making, to suit Davina Michelle, they turn it into a 15-minute Make-up Challenge! This wouldn’t be the first of Nikkie’s make-up challenges as she is popular for them.

NikkieTutorials says Colab with Davina Michelle is her favorite ever!

In her Instagram post for the video, NikkieTutorials says that the Collab with Davina Michelle is her favorite one ever!

My favorite collab EVER just went up on my channell!

To be honest, we are pretty blown away with how powerful the voice of Davina Michelle is!

Davina Michelle, NikkieTutorials’s favorite Dutch singer, is a 24-year-old singer who writes songs and does covers. She has topped the charts of the Netherlands more than once. To say that the woman’s voice is just as fierce as her beauty would be an understatement. We found her most recent cover of ‘I Dare You’ by Kelly Clarkson.

NikkieTutorials Davina Michelle

We sure hope we get to hear more of Davina Michelle and honestly, we totally understand why she is NikkieTutorials’s favorite singer.