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Chloe Bridges Says Adam DeVine Is giving Her Laugh Lines!

Chloe Bridges has been dating one of the most hilarious guys Adam DeVine and its no wonder that he is giving her laugh lines.

T he popular celebrities Chloe Bridges and Adam DeVine have been dating ever since 2015. It’s clear that Bridges is in happy and cheerful mood. Well, naturally, she is dating a comedian so laughs must be a pretty common part of life now. Consequently, Chloe has admitted getting laugh lines. The reason is her boyfriend Adam DeVine! Isn’t that the most adorable thing in the world?

Chloe Bridges Blames Adam DeVine for Her Laugh Lines

The 27-year-old actress Chloe Bridges uploaded a picture of herself on Instagram as she smiles very broadly for the camera. The picture featured her beautiful smile along with the laugh lines which are fairly visible around the outer corners of her eyes and mouth. But she added in the caption that her partner Adam DeVine was responsible for giving her these laugh lines.

She joked about it being a ‘dick’ move but we are know she doesn’t mind the laugh lines at all! It’s a testament to her great relationship with DeVine.

Chloe Bridges and Adam DeVine Relationship History

Adam DeVine and Chloe Bridges worked together on the sets of The Final Girls in 2015. But looks like sparks flied between and two and they’re dating ever since. The movie, The Final Girls,  stars Taissa Farmiga as a young woman who, along with her group of friends, gets pulled into a horror movie that her mom starred in back in the ’80s. It challenges the sexist trope that girls who have sex die and the “final girl” who defeats the bad guy is a virgin. DeVine played Kurt, a douche, sex-obsessed guy while Bridges played Paula, the original “final girl” of the movie, a leather jacket-clad heroine with a nice car. 

Although there wasn’t much interaction in their characters in the film, the two hit it off. After that year, they made appearances together at many occasions. Including The Pretty Little Liars season 5 wrap-up party and Disneyland. The two have publicly admitted their love for one another on multiple occasions.

Chloe Bridges is an American actress popular for her roles in Pretty Little Liars, The Carrie Diaries and The Final Girls. Adam DeVine is an actor and comedian prominent for his work in Isn’t It Romantic, Pitch Perfect and Workaholics.