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James Charles Doing Wedding Makeup For Shane Dawson?

Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams might have gotten engaged and is James Charles going to do wedding makeup instead of Jeffree Star?

T he popular YouTuber just got engaged to his longtime boyfriend Ryland Adams. Everyone who follows these two is beyond happy for the two. Especially, the YouTube community. And Makeup mogul James Charles is already interested doing the wedding makeup for his friends Shane and Ryland! We also have TM wanting to play major role in the wedding too!

Shane Dawson Publicly Appreciates Ryland Adams

Shane Dawson took to Instagram to look back at his time with his partner Ryland Adams. And expressed his gratitude to Adams for making these last 3 years memorable. Shane mentions all the big and small things his boyfriend does for him, especially how great Ryland makes him feel when the internet is being cruel to him.

Shane Dawson is also grateful that Ryland Adams loves him unconditionally every day. But there is more because Adams makes him realize the need for self love. Dawson thanked the universe for bringing them together.

It’s clear that the two are very much in love and cannot wait to spend their whole lives together.

Less than 12 hours after uploading the appreciation post, Shane Dawson publicly announced his engagement to Ryland Adams. He uploaded pictures of himself proposing his partner who  said yes. The two can be seen kissing and showing off the beautiful engagement ring on Ryland’s finger.

Seems like we should gear ourselves up for big fat YouTube wedding!

James Charles Already Interested in Wedding Makeup

It hasn’t been even a day of Dawson and Adams being engaged, and the YouTube community is already super excited. Everybody is already planning on what roles they might have to play in the actual wedding. And really, the spirit of YouTubers is worth applauding.

James Charles commented underneath the post expressing his excitement for doing the wedding makeup. Well, we always thought it would be Jeffree Star considering how close he is to Shane Dawson. And even Ryland Adams who travels with the duo often when they are filming or working together. But is James going to be the makeup artist for their special night because he said it first? Or will both beauty YouTubers get a chance to do the make-up for Shane and Ryland? We hope the latter case is true!

YouTuber TM has also expressed an interest in becoming the flower girl for the wedding. And will she get it because there is no competition?

Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams are both YouTubers who are fairly popular on the platform. Although Dawson is way too prominent than Adams, and people have accused Adams of using Shane for his fame only. Despite it all, the duo which has been strong for three years finally proved everyone wrong. And is soon to embark upon the beautiful journey of marriage.