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Bryce Hall calls out Michael Gruen on Twitter

Bryce Hall calls outs his former manager on Twitter for being fake and says that he is talking sh*t behind Bryce's back but this is not the first time.

The Battle of the Platforms member Bryce Hall called out his former manager Michael Gruen on Twitter recently for talking sh*t. Bryce Hall fought in YouTubers vs TikTokers, an event organized and created by Social Gloves, a company which is owned by Austin McBroom‘s family. Bryce Hall is famous for his Youtube videos. He was going to fought McBroom in the battle. Both of them had been beefing before the fight, with the culminating fight ending in Bryce losing to Austin. Both of them resolved their issues and put an end to their beef after the fight when Austin said that he has nothing but love and respect for Bryce after the fight.

After the fight, many fans complained about the event. Some said that the venue was terrible while some complained that they could not get access to the fight online even though they paid for PPV access.

Bryce Hall called out Michael Gruen

Bryce Hall calls out Michael Gruen on Twitter

Michael Gruen is Bryce Hall’s former manager. Hall called out his fromer manager saying that he is fake:

In the Sway House reality show, Bryce Hall discussed Michael with his team before his fight with Austin McBroom. Bryce said that he does not understand why his manager would talk sh*t about him but the celebrity was not shocked because of his manager’s behavior because this was not the first time this had happened. He said to his team:

I don’t understand why he would talk sh** behind my back. This isn’t the first time Michael’s talked sh** about me so it didn’t shock me when I heard that.

Apparently, Michael predicted that Bryce Hall’s Battle of the Platforms ticket would undersell and would not reach the target goal. As many fans complained about the issues with their venue and online streaming errors. Turns out the revenue they made was less and Bryce’s former manager was in fact right. Some sources said that the target goal was to sell at least 500,000 tickets but the event organizers could only sell 100,000 which is kind of a huge loss. Michael responded to Hall’s tweet, saying in the replies:

Hey Bryce! It’s a pleasure to reach you via Twitter. All I heard from this is that you think I’ve made it. I am flattered!

Moreover, Gruen continued by writing a thread, exposing Hall:

Sd of yet, Bryce Hall has not commented on this beef. However, he has announced an upcoming video, and it could address is former manager.