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The Beautiful Way Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Supported Each Other

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga starred together in the 2018 remake of A Star Is Born, and the love and support the two give one another is remarkable.

And unlike A Star Is Born, Bradley Cooper does not get drunk. And nor do things get complicated. Now that the two are talking about one another, and their experiences of working together, fans could just not be more delighted with what they’re hearing.

Bradley Cooper Appreciates Lady Gaga

While talking to the New York magazine, Bradley Cooper said that Lady Gaga was authentic. And for that purpose, he had to be real in the film. Because if he had not, it would have destroyed the movie. While talking to Jimmy Fallon this month, he claimed that Lady Gaga was the real deal. And that the rest of the movie just had to be authentic.

Lady Gaga Feels The Same Way

Whatever it is between these costars is definitely not one-sided. If Bradley Cooper has been sending out love and appreciation for Lady Gaga, she is surely replicating. While talking to the press, she claimed that watching Cooper work was phenomenal. And that he gave her ammunition to believe in herself which is why she is so blessed to have had that experience. She said that he taught her how to be relentlessly sure of her vision. And to make every single effort to go after it.

Lady Gaga even said that if he wanted to, he could do anything at all. The actress also firmly believes that no other actor or director in the world could have played this role or directed this film. She said she worked on this movie with him because she believed in him as a filmmaker, an actor, as a screenwriter, and as a musician.

Lady Gaga admitted that ever since they met, the two had an instant connection. And a bond of understanding between one another. She said that the first time she heard him sing, she stopped playing the piano to tell him that he could sing. She later added at an other instance that they kept going. And before they even knew it, they were harmonizing. Apparently, Bradley Cooper filmed them doing it. And they even have a tape of the first time they sang together.

The 2018 remake of A Star Is Born is surely a pleasure. But so are these stars and the bond that they have.