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What Can We Hope From “A Star is Born”

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Ever since the ‘A Star is Born’ trailer hit the screens back in June, fans are hooked to the advent of the fourth part of their favorite romantic affair. The remake of the second remake of the remake of the 30s classic is coming to our screens again. But this time with a modern touch. Directed by Bradley Cooper and starring Lady Gaga in her first lead role on the silver screen, A Star is Born has everyone excited. The series was finally allotted its premier date at Venice Film Festival last Friday (31st August).

Beautiful Story Line

Vogue reports,

“A Star Is tells a story as old as Hollywood itself: Ally (Lady Gaga) is a struggling singer-songwriter who is discovered by Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper), a country Rockstar on the hunt for new talent. After seeing her perform at a bar he is captivated by her voice and becomes both a mentor and a romantic interest. However, as Ally’s star ascends, Jackson’s career begins to flag.”,

Impeccable Cast

The makers could not have found a more apt face for the role than Lady Gaga. She has her own glory and charm with which she stirs the audience and leaves them in awe. Her appearance in the trailer counts for a sensational show. She creates magic as she ascends the stage as a newly discovered talent. Her performance is so finely placed and tuned into the thick plot of the romantic flicker. Maybe it is too early to say that Bradley Cooper has created a masterpiece with his debut. But we can’t stop our hearts from thinking so.

Potions in their perfect proportions graced his work into a piece of art; a largely enjoyable and highly watchable take on a classic that would have otherwise failed to impress. Gaga’s remarkable ability to switch on and off between a dead ordinary star and an extraterrestrial celeb deserves her an Oscar already.


The trailer strikes a perfect balance as in to decide who shines on the screen momentarily. When the heroine’s fortitude is seen, Cooper intelligently fades into the background, while at other times his presence serves a stronger narrative purpose.

The basic Star is Born story is geared so you pity the man almost more than you admire the woman. In every version, the man threatens to steal the show with his own degradation; the woman’s protective fortitude is far less interesting. But as an actor, Cooper fades into the corner at just the right moments, allowing Gaga to shine.” Time’s Stephanie Zacharek said.

Sam Elliott’s supporting role as Jackson’s much older brother meanwhile, was a colossal catalyst of the emotion for viewers, principally in one moment that so warmly captured the subdued affection between the two heroes.

Up for Awards?

The movie has the power to accomplish what only three films in movie history ever have. It can win all five major Academy Awards (picture, director, actor, actress, and screenplay). It’s that kind of triumph. Even more, it makes you understand what this well-worn, Oscar-winning material was capable of all along. The movie is going to release on the UK on October 5.

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