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Jimmy Fallon Secret Rapper?

Jimmy Fallon Secret Rapper?

Jimmy Fallon has proved his talents as a rapper as he destroyed Post Malone's artist in the rap battle. Why did he never showcase his abilities before?

One thing we definitely did not know about Jimmy Fallon is out. And how come he never decided to showcase his extreme skills on his late-night show will remain a mystery for now. Jimmy Fallon has some great capabilities as a rapper. And he proved them to the world by completely destroying Post Malone’s artist Tyla Yaweh in this latest rap battle. It seems like it might be the right time for Jimmy Fallon to make his rapper ability prominent to the world. And why should he not? Clearly, it was entertaining to watch Fallon kill Tyla with his rap words. Unfortunately, the Post Malone artist did not have that strong a rebuttal.

Rap Battle Between Jimmy Fallon and Post Malone

In the footage that shows Jimmy Fallon and Post Malone artist Tyla involve themselves in a rap battle at Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar in New York City is leaked by TMZ. Apparently, it began after Tyla’s appearance on The Tonight Show. In the first part of the video, Jimmy Fallon earned some loud applause from the bar as he rapped,

You like to wear a sweatshirt that says “Joy Rich”/ but really, you’re a boy, bitch.

Surprisingly or not, the Post Malone artist did not have an excellent rebuttal shot for this one. So, Fallon simply killed him off taking shots right where it would hurt him. And as a rapper, one thing’s guaranteed- Jimmy Fallon has no regard for human life. The man proved it with his hilarious yet unexpected performance in the rap battle where he simply put the upcoming Post Malone artist in a body bag.

Although Tyla miserably failed in the rap battle with Fallon, he’s been doing great lately. During the summers, he assisted CHXPO on Chemicals together with Ski Mask The Slump God. He also collaborated with OVO-affiliate Preme for their song, Goals. And now he is all ready to perform with Post Malone at his inaugural Posty Fest later this month.

Maybe for future rap battles, he should look out for some Jimmy Fallon tips!