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Bojack Horseman’s Todd Chavez | An Asexual With Hidden Talents

Todd Chavez is a human character in his 20’s living in Bojack’s house rent-free. Chavez is one of the most complex characters in the show because he comes across as a stereotypical standard of ‘loser’ in society’s eyes.

Unemployed, playing videos all day, doing drugs, and sleeping on the couch- that’s the depiction of Chavez. He is frequently told by Bojack Horseman, “Clean up your shit, Todd.”

Bojack Horseman Season 6 delves even deeper into Todd Chavez as a person, even taking us back to his childhood.

Todd Chavez, a creative soul

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And of course, we love the show’s classic smoodee venture that Todd & Mr. Peanutbutter came up with. According to Todd, it’s a smoothie that represents your mood, a ‘smoodee.’ His puns are super clever.

Todd Chavez as a True Friend…

Most of all, he is a loyal friend. Beneath all the sloppiness, he has a heart of gold and a mind full of ideas, and a surprising level of intelligence.

Chavez often gives important reality checks to Bojack Horseman telling him to be better. Bojack who is actually extremely dependent on Todd stays in denial about it. Initially, Todd believes Bojack to be his ultimate best friend.

After constantly forgiving him, Bojack’s constant insults and casual ignorance eventually turn Todd away from him. He then moves out of Bojack’s apartment. With time, their dynamics also change when Todd finally questions Bojack for the terrible things he has done.

Todd comes out as an ‘Asexual’

A serious development in his story is when Todd finds himself in a personal battle where he can’t understand his sexuality.

The fans reacted to this new development with happiness and praise for the show’s refreshing perspective on something as complex as sexuality. Asexuality is generally not given any limelight on television and in movies so Bojack Horseman really one-upped everyone here.

“I was so proud to represent that community, and so many people came up to me, or have been coming up to me, since that come out, saying, ‘I didn’t know what I was. You have given me a community that I didn’t even know existed,’ which is just so heartbreaking, but also so beautiful, you know?”

Aaron Paul, BuzzFeed News

Moreover, he’s glad this asexual character exists:

“I think it’s so nice to have a character on TV — especially on a show so powerful like BoJack — that represents a community that should be represented,”

Todd’s Isolated Childhood

Bojack Horseman Season 6 also takes us down a road where we haven’t been before- Todd’s childhood and parents. A sad backstory about being alienated by his stepdad and a mother who never cared enough for Todd is revealed.

In an episode, his stepdad appears giving him the news that his mother is in a coma and needs a kidney. Todd who has apparently donated his kidney already, ventures out to retrieve it for his mother; another depiction of his pure soul.

Todd as a Father Figure

Season 6 Todd is a ‘manny’ for Ruthie, Princess Carolyn’s daughter.

His role as a protective and loving caretaker is an all-new perspective of Todd Chavez while staying true to his original character.

Todd as a ‘dad’ is simply one of the purest and most beautiful parts of the show,

Todd Chavez in Bojack Horseman Season 6

After going through a lot to retrieve the kidney for his mother, Todd chooses not to see her. Deep inside, he wants her to reach out first and tell his stepfather about this expectation.

Season 6 also shows Todd beginning yet another entrepreneurial adventure; an asexual dating app called ‘All About That Ace’ to help him find a match. Could this app be a breakthrough leading to Todd’s final success as an entrepreneur?

We are sure that Part 2 of Bojack Horseman Season 6 will dig deeper into these new plots and give us answers.