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Logan Paul Slapping The Man Unconscious Video Was FAKE!

Logan Paul slapping the man unconscious was nothing but a drama.

A couple of months back, Logan Paul shared a tweet, challenging Slap For Cash’s Rick Royce, to box him. The challenge came after Rick claimed that the video was noting but a drama. It is part of Paul’s training for the Russian Slap Contest.

Logan Paul Furious Over Claims

The incident took place back in May. It was part of Logan’s training for the Russian Slap Contest, where the contestants slap the hell out of each-other. The match continues until someone passes-out or backs out of it.

In the infamous video Paul slaps the man with full force. Royce, who lets people slap him for money, falls to the ground and appears to be unconscious. Others on the scene, rush to his aid.

Soon after the video became arrival Paul shared something interesting:

Unforeseen and unfortunate event had happened, and it became clear that I don’t have the desire to participate in an event that can result in serious injury to virtually anyone competing.

Slap For Cash Exposes Paul

In the YouTube universe, things are not always as they seem. Kenny Boulet of YouTube channel Kenny KO invited Rick for an interview. The interview aired amidst the Logan Paul slapping drama. According to Royce:

Bro, first off, you gave me a bunch of money to hit me, I fell on the ground — of course I’m going to fall on the ground. I knew for a fact he wasn’t going to post this if I made him look bad in any sort of way. If I didn’t fall down, I knew there was no chance it was going to get posted.

Paul Reacts!

Logan Paul is furious and takes it to Twitter:

Rick you f—— moron, I’m addressing the video that just came out… it boils my blood. He’s lying through the skin of his teeth, I think anyone with a brain who watched his video can see that.

He added how angry he was:

I want to box him, I want to box the dude that thinks he can ‘mess me up in the ring, So please brother, come to f—— LA, and I will rip your head off.

In hindsight, the whole drama went in favour of Logan Paul. He got millions of views. Isn’t this what YouTube celebrities like Logan Paul and KSI need? I guess, Yeah. So Well Done Mr. Paul!