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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley would love more kids with Jason Statham

Rosie participated in an Instagram chit chat with fans on Thursday. She revealed that she would love to have more kids with husband, Jason Statham

Model, actress, and wife of Jason Statham,  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley appeared for a Q&A on Instagram on Thursday. She had a question asking her if she wants to grow her family with the famous actor and husband, Jason Statham. Can you guess the answer?

Rosie would love to have more kids!

Fifty-two-year-old actor, Jason Statham is happily married to a thirty-two-year-old model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. And the couple is proud parents to a two-year-old son named Jack. They welcomed Jack back in 2017. And Rosie updated her fan on Instagram after she was asked about their son. She said that,

“He’s doing great.”

According to E Online, the model said:

“We are lucky enough to be enjoying lots of family time together at the moment. He’s turning three in a few months, which I can’t believe. Currently, we are attempting potty training!!” she said humorously.

And on answering more questions about the couple and family, Rosie said that Jack has her looks but Jason’s loud voice. The model continued saying that her son has a proper English accent and that is something she’s very proud of. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley went on to say:

“really proud to say [Jack] has a proper English accent” and that “he does have the same booming loud voice as Jason. But he looks very much like me when I was young but with Jason’s eye color.”

How the good looking couple met

Remarks about the couple’s age gap continue even today. But Rosie said that it has never been an issue. She reassured that age is just a number.

The happily married couple met at a party in London back in 2009. And they both admit that there was instant chemistry between the two. The runway model said her husband is definitely the more stubborn of the two. But over the years Rosie has come to understand how to deal with is.