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Bly Manor's Victoria Pedretti has a Crazy Voting Story For Us All!

Bly Manor’s Victoria Pedretti has a Crazy Voting Story For Us All!

Netflix’s favorite, and of course, ours as well, Victoria Pedretti has an interesting story to share with us. November 4th, 2020 is the last day for Americans to get out and vote for this very crucial Election. So many celebrities are finding interesting and clever ways to get people out to vote. And Victoria Pedretti has an amazing voting story for us that will inspire you to vote for this and all upcoming elections.

Victoria Pedretti is a proud voter even if she ended up dealing with a ‘debacle’

With a bright smile and proud face, Victoria Pedretti reveals that she considers herself to be a proud voter.

I hope my presence here and in every room I step in makes it clear what I’m about and who I vote for. Proud voter.

But Victoria Pedretti’s voting journey wasn’t an easy one. The Haunting of Hill House actress Victoria Pedretti shared that she had to deal with a problem on the last election day. She ended up forgetting her absentee ballot.

Tbh, this ended up being a last minute debacle. I lost my absentee ballot and had to register AND vote in California, where I recently moved, TODAY.

Victoria Pedretti shares that she felt ‘ashamed and panicked’ for losing the ballot. But she didn’t give up! Oh no!

I was ashamed and panicked for losing my ballot, but thank goodness I got the f*ck over it and got moving.

‘You’ actress Victoria Pedretti got a little help from a friend so that she could vote.

An amazing friend, who also enjoys voting, told how easy it was and helped me get the damn thing done!! An election day mitzvah that felt like a miracle! Again, proud voter.

A true miracle indeed! This is one of the very important stories about voting that hopefully encourage many to go out and vote for a better country for everyone.

And if you ever end up losing your absentee ballot, you can visit here to know what you need to do. Here is the information you need if you need to register and also vote on Election day. Here’s a helpful Q&A for all inquiries related to Election Day and Voting!

Happy voting, America!