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Jake Paul calls Harry Jowsey delusional for thinking Julia Rose was seriously dating him

I swear Jake Paul surely knows how to make headlines in the news tabloids. And this time he has done it again by calling Harry Jowsey delusional for thinking Julia Rose was seriously dating him. I think all of us know that Jake Paul dated Julia Rose for a couple of months. They were last spotted together in May and after that, we don’t know what happened after that. But they definitely stopped talking for a couple of months because Jake messed up things with Julia.

And then here comes Harry Jowsey in the picture. We really don’t know if he and Julia were friends before he appeared on her podcast. But they were spotted together on a lunch date right after two weeks of it. They even shared a kiss and seemed very comfortable with each other.

Harry also planned a surprised weekend getaway for her to Las Vegas which was really sweet of him. And guess what happened when they landed back in L.A? Julia was spotted in Jake’s Instagram story rather than Harry’s. And according to Harry, that’s how he found out that Julia has gotten back with Jake.

Jake Paul defends Julia Rose & said she’d never date or marry Harry Jowsey

So a Paparazzi reporter from ‘No Comment‘ managed to get ahold of Jake before he flew off to his training camp in Las Vegas. The reporter asked him if he and Julia are back together.

“I don’t know. I am kind of for the streets. But that’s my best friend (Julia). People are hating on her. Like, oh she all over the place., she is dating a lot of people.”

Jake further added that Julia is his best friend so he has to defend her no matter what. And what he said next just made him earn a lot of respect from the fans.

“Like, why is that when guys hook-up with a lot of girls, everyone is like oh that’s a dope guy…But if a girl hook-up with guys, then all of a sudden they are like a sl*t or something. I hate that.”

Oh, we are not done yet, This is like the never-ending Q&A session between Jake and Paparazzi.

“Paparazzi: So Harry called you out on a boxing match and said he would never lose to you.

Jake: I mean he lost his girlfriend to me in three days. He is delusional, he is a reality star. And he is out of touch with reality.”

Jake further mentioned that Julia and Harry were not dating. Though that’s what Harry was thinking in his mind that he is dating her. But Julia would never date him.

Jake Paul says he doesn’t have any beef with Harry Jowsey

Umm, we are almost done, guys. And let’s see what Jake has to say about Harry wanting to have a fight with him.

“He (Harry) called me a legend and then five days later he wants to fight me. Make up your mind bruh.”

The news reporter also asked Jake if he has any beef with Harry or if he has anything to say to him.

“I don’t get beef with anybody. I am Vegan baby, no beef… Just keep on clout chasing buddy. Keep it up.”

I think it’s safe to say that this interview has been one of the calmest and chill interviews of Jake Paul in history. Though Jake still hasn’t confirmed his relationship status with Julia. But he mentioned that Julia is his best friend. And right now he just wants to focus on his fight with Nate Robinson.

We are still waiting for Julia’s statement on this matter. So stay tuned for more updates. Peace out !!