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Best Olivia Wilde Movies And Tv Shows You Should Check Out

Olivia Wilde, the talented American actress, and filmmaker have played memorable characters in iconic movies and tv shows. She has a marvelous presence and an amazing set of acting and filming skills. Wilde has appeared in popular shows such as House. She has been nominated for Teen Choice Awards multiple times. Moreover, she has won Independent Spirit Awards, Teen Choice Awards, The Comedy Festival Awards, and others. We have made a list of the best Olivia Wilde movies and tv shows for you below:

The Lazarus Effect

This supernatural American horror film was released in 2015. It is one of the famous movies in Olivia Wilde movies and tv shows. David Gelb directed this film. Luke Dawson and Jeremy Slater are the writers. Jason Blum, Jimmy Miller, Cody Zwieg, and Matt Kaplan are the producers of this cinematic masterpiece. The plot of this film revolves around medical researchers at a University, Dr. Frank Walton and Zoe McConnell. They produce a serum that can bring death to life. A Videographer Eva, and the lab assistants Niko and Clay also join them in this research.

Olivia Wilde,Olivia Wilde Movies
The Lazarus Effect- Best Olivia Wilde Movie

The serum was initially made to assist comma patients but things go wrong. Soon University officials find about this project and shut it down. However, the group sneaks back into the lab but Zoe gets electrocuted. Frank utilizes the serum to revive her but this time she has supernatural abilities. She proceeds to cause havoc as her mind is changed by the serum. The movie received negative reviews but it’s a full house of horror and entertainment. The cast of this film includes Mark Duplass (Dr. Frank), Olivia Wilde (Zoe), Sarah Bolger (Eva), Evan Peters (Clay), Donald Glover (Niko), and others.

The Next Three Days

The Next Three Days is a 2010 thriller action movie. Paul Haggis is the director and has done the screenplay. Michael Nozik, Olivier Delbosc, Paul Haggis, and Marc Missonnier are the producers. The film is based on ‘Anything for Her, a story by Fred Cavaye and Guillaume Lemans. The story is about a married couple, John Brennan and Lara Brennan. Lara is accused of murdering her boss and can be sentenced to life in prison based on that. Her son, Luke, ceases to visit her mother in jail. Her husband is not ready to let go of his wife and tries everything in his power to prove her innocence.

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The Next Three Days- Best Olivia Wilde Movie

On the other hand, Lara attempts suicide but is saved. When nothing works, John finds an inmate who has survived running from jail many times. After the meeting, he has a ruthless plan that can involve destruction but he is ready to risk everything for his family. The movie asks questions such as how much do you have within you to fight for people you love? The cast includes Russell Crowe (John Brennan), Elizabeth Banks (Lara), Brian Dennehy (George Brennan), Olivia Wilde (Nicole), and Ty Simpkins (Luke). This movie is a must-watch on the best Olivia Wilde movies list.

Tron: Legacy

Tron: Legacy is an American science fiction film released in 2010. Joseph Kosinski directed this movie. Sean Bailey, Jeffrey Silver, and Steven Lisberger are producers. Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal have done the story. Tron: Legacy is the second film in the series. In this film, the son of the main character Flynn has taken over. His son, Sam finds out a computer and a laser that transfers him inside a game where he meets Clu, a younger version of his father and a corrupted program.

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Tron: Legacy, Olivia Wilde Movie

Clu attempts to kill Sam but is saved by Quorra. Flynn had made Clu a co-creator to find a perfect computer system, however, he betrayed him. Clu wished to lure Sam into the game as this plan could open the portal between the two worlds. He could then impose his ideas of a perfect world on humans. The cast of the film includes Garrett Hedlund (Sam), Jeff Bridges (Kevin Flynn), Olivia Wilde (Quorra), and others. Tron: Legacy captures Wilde in her very best and that is why deserves to be on the best Olivia Wilde movies list.


Olivia Wilde played an essential character in the famous American television drama, House. House is the most popular show on our list of Olivia Wilde movies and Tv Shows. This series aired on the Fox network for eight seasons. David Shore created this medical drama. Katie Jacobs, David Shore, Bryan Singer, Thomas L. Moran, Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner, Greg Yaitanes, and Hugh Laurie are the producers. The series has a total of 117 episodes. The series revolves around a misanthrope and a spectacular doctor, Gregory House, who is dependent on pain medications.

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It is a must-watch show on the list of our best Olivia Wilde tv shows. In the show, we see House has unique ideas, radical aims, and unorthodox thinking that leads him to have a conflict with his colleagues. To some extent, the character is inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Wilde has played the character of Remy (Thirteen), an internist in diagnostic medicine occupation.

Its the detection as well as the detective, that draws you and holds you here. Neither the cases nor the characters are simple-and in both cases, that’s a compliment.


The story of this drama revolves around two teenagers, Adam and Jewel. Both kids are from opposite sides, morally and legally. You must have guessed it. It is an attempt to retell Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet from a modern perspective. Adam is the son of an attorney while Jewel is the daughter of a pornographer.

These two worlds come together in an adventurous way in these eight episodes. The show did not receive a positive outcome, however, the acting of the distinct actors makes the show worth watching. The cast includes Adam (D.J. Cotrona), Jewel (Olivia Wilde), Larry Goldman (Ron Silver), and Barbara (Pamela Gidley). Despite negative reviews from critics, this show deserves a watch and to be on our best Olivia Wilde tv shows list.


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This series is one of the best Best Olivia Wilde tv shows. The plot is around the character Richie Finestra, a recording company executive in the 1970s. In the show, we get to see the hustle of a record executive, and the pains and tribulations he goes through to set a career. The audience witnesses the trials, ups and downs, and significantly what rock music means to the protagonist.

The cast of this film includes Bobby Cannavale (Richie), Olivia Wilde (Devon Finestra; wife), Max Casella (Julian Silver), Paul Ben-Victor (Maury Gold, a record company owner), and others. This marvelous show has earned its place on our best Olivia Wilde tv shows list.