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Amy Schumer Hospitalized, Cancels Tour But Is Okay

Amy Schumer was sent to the hospital after suffering hyperemesis due to her pregnancy. She has to cancel her tour but she is doing all right.

Amy Schumer recently opened up about her pregnancy and how difficult the whole journey actually was. Now, it seems like it isn’t getting easier. The stand up comedian and actress was sent to the hospital after suffering nausea due to her pregnancy. But rest assured, she’s holding up all right. Unfortunately, we might have to wait for a while to see her on stage again since she has to cancel her tour in Texas.

Amy Schumer is going through a condition known as hyperemesis, which is morning sickness and nausea, caused by her pregnancy. The actress is pretty open and vocal about the daunting task of motherhood. She even mentioned it in her stand-up routine a few months ago.

Amy Schumer been quite political these days, with getting arrested for the Kavanaugh protests and showing her support for Rihanna cancelling the Superbowl. Time and time again, she’s shown support for people like Colin Kaepernick for standing up for justice. It seems like our political and passionate stand-up comedian needed some time off from everything. We hope that she recovers soon enough to make us all laugh once again