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Stan Lee’s Message From Beyond the Grave Proves Why Fans Loved Him

Stan Lee has a posthumous message for his fans that is a testament to how amazing and humble the legendary comic book writer was!

A few days ago, the legendary Stan Lee sadly left this planet. But behind he left a legacy that will probably remain unparalleled for years to come. He created amazing fictional worlds for us to escape into. The huge Marvel movies everyone adores so much won’t ever have existed it weren’t for Stan Lee for coming up with these wonderful stories. He’s definitely hard to replace. More than his numerous talents, Stan Lee was known to have a genuine love and respect for his fans. Now, we have a heartfelt posthumous message by the departed comic book writer to his fans.

Stan Lee explained how huge of an impact his fans had on his career. When at times he felt lost and was searching for meaning in his work, he’d turn to something a fan had sent and would read it. It would spark a sense of duty and motivation for the comic book writer who readily took on the challenge. From this consistent love from his fans, Stan Lee came up with our favorite comic book heroes that will be a part of our culture forever. The heroes and stories he created continue to inspire us and forever will.

It’s rare for a celebrity to acknowledge the fans and audience. The posthumous message really goes to show how pure and gentle Stan Lee was. The world will never find another like him!