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Logan Paul Fighting Grayson Dolan Over California Wild Fire Post Becomes Meme

Logan Paul is scorching strife with Grayson Dolan over the California Wild Fire post which turns into a viral Meme.

Logan Paul Taunted Grayson Dolan On His Unawareness

Grayson Dolan went enchanted after watching some dull grey cloudy atmosphere last week. He thought that those clouds are a bit unusual. Therefore, he instantly crafts his snap chat story. Dolan wanted to reveal the strangest natural element he has discovered. The star was unaware that the clouds he was watching were signaling the disastrous wildfires around California.
Since then Dolan himself came under fire for his careless mistake. Social media platforms were sparking up against the post and have generated several memes on this issue. The most blazing tweet that set fame was from Logan Paul.

The Meme Feud: Attack And Defence

Last week, the ragging feud blew up when Grayson Dolan——Snapchatted a picture of the smoky clouds from a California wildfire.
He narrated in his post, “I never see these types of clouds here.” He wrote the caption with a heart eyes emoji. Grayson Dolan is a famous YouTuber.He and his twin brother Ethan has 7.3 million YouTube subscribers. The Snapchat went viral. The followers were not happy to read Dolan’s comment. The story turns wild when Logan Paul stepped ahead and wisecracked the chat.

Logan Paul responded to the post with a scathing statement, writing, “That’s ‘cause it’s a fucking wildfire, g.”
However, Grayson acknowledges his own writing mistake, “Fuck, you REALLY know you made a mistake when even Logan Paul can tell.”

Another YouTube fame, makeup artist James Charles defended Dolan.
He replied to Logan “Shut up, you imbecile,” in the Tweet’s replies.

Followers Were Constantly Posting Memes On Grayson Dolan’s Snapchat.

Concurrently, Snapchat users release hilarious memes, especially on Twitter. People were using Dolan’s caption “I never see these types of clouds here” (plus the heart eyes emoji ) on miscellaneous photos of everything other than clouds.

Despite Logan Paul’s correction, followers are enjoying the image of Tesla founder Elon Musk smoking on the Joe Rogan podcast. The image captioned, “I never see these types of clouds here”

California Wild Fire Is Not A Subject For MEME!

Dolan’s Snapchat turns into a popular meme. However, making fun of the California wildfires is highly unacceptable for anybody. The wildfires have snatched many cozy dwellings from the residents. Celebrities as well as local residents have emptied their homes. The wildfire is enormous and has wrapped around a vast area.