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Amanda Cerny Wishes Muslims On Ramadan

Amanda Cerny Wishes Muslims On Ramadan

Amanda Cerny sends her sincere greetings to Muslims on Ramadan. Although the world is facing the lethal disaster of COVID-19 pandemic these days, yet this calamity has brought some positivities with it. The global population which is socially distant is now psychologically in sync. We all realize the value of life and peaceful living, no matter to which cast, race, or nation we belong. In her recent Tweet, the Pittsburgh born entertainment diva, Amanda Cerny, sends greetings to the Muslim community via her social media account.

Amanda Cerny Greeted Muslims on Ramadan

The gorgeous YouTuber has sent her greetings with some considerable thoughts. Its really surprising that a young star has comprehended the real meaning and essence of Ramadan, the actress tweeted to use this spiritual time for self-improvement and serving humanity.

The YouTube sensation, in fact, has a prominent standing on social media. Moreover, her Instagram story is one of the top five most-viewed story accounts in the world. Amanda has also penned comical skits and music videos featuring renowned actors, top musicians, and other influential personalities online. She is, in fact, a model, fitness guru philanthropist -Hence, Master of all trades.

The Bet actress has also greeted the Muslim community before. Fans still remember her saved face posted in 2014 to greet the Muslims on Eid.

Ramadan 2020

Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting, has begun around the globe yesterday. Muslims from everywhere, hence, are keeping fast and performing their scheduled holy rituals. This Ramadan, however, is utterly unique this year as the world is facing lockdown and isolation due to coronavirus pandemic. Likewise, Muslims, who consider Ramadan, a month of added blessings and forgiveness, the population from other beliefs are also seeking forgiveness from the almighty and asking safety from this contagious disease.

Hollywood Celebrities Posted Ramadan Greetings Alike Amanda Cerny

As a matter of fact, it is not only Amanda Cerny who sends greetings for Ramadan, many other renowned figures around the people have posted wishes via their social media accounts.

Pop-star Halsey tweeted their Ramadan greetings:

“Ramadan Kareem! For all who are observing, I am wishing you a time of great patience, strength, courage, happiness, and peace!”

Well Done DC Comics! The illustration of Green Lantern wishing their fans. “Ramadan Mubarak! Wishing the best to all celebrating throughout the galaxy” is something really appreciative. Both DC Comics and Amanda Cerny think alike.

Long Ago and Far Away actress Mia Farrow, prays for Muslims,

“Wishing my Muslim friends throughout the world all the blessings of the holy month.”