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Alison Morris Denies Using Racial Slur For Kobe Bryant’s Fatal Crash

The enraging backfire on MSNBC reporter Alison Morris for her racial slur while covering the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash still prevails in the atmosphere. As a matter of fact, the MSNBC reporter is blamed for her racial derision while reporting on the hard-knocking incident. Alison, however, denies the accusation and said it was just the slip of the tongue.

The News Of Kobe Bryant’s Fatal Crash

The five-time NBA champion  Kobe Bryant, his daughter, Gianna, and seven other people on board, unfortunately, lost their lives on Jan. 26, 2020, in a helicopter crash. Following the incident, every mode of media broadcasted the news of Bryant’s sudden yet unexpected death across the globe.

Bryant, aged 41, was an 18-time NBA player, who has given 20-career years to  Los Angeles Lakers. He passed away Sunday morning. They were, in fact, boarding A Sikorsky S-76B helicopter that crashed near Calabasas, California. Bryant’s daughter had a  youth basketball event at Mamba Sports Academy in CA. The All-star died on his helicopter trip to Thousand Oaks, California along with all other eight-passenger including his young daughter.

Alison Morris | News Report On Kobe Bryant’s Accident  Sparked Controversy

Alison Morris reported the news for MSNBC and while reporting the accident on Live With Alison Morris, fans pointed out Morris’s on-air comments. According to some listeners,  Instead  of saying the “Los Angeles Lakers, she used the slur “Los Angeles N—-rs.”

Morris’s statement, however, is “He was the kind of athlete, the kind of star, that was perfectly cast on the Los Angeles  [stutter; unclear word] .” on the Los Angeles Lakers.”

Slur Or Slip Questioned?

During her report on Jan. 26, Morris screwed up the word “Lakers,” and listeners believed that she uttered the N-word. In response to this reporting misconduct, Kobe fans filed petition calling for Morris’ resignation. The petition, in fact, has received more than 145,000 signatures as of Jan. 29.

A swarm of protest, hence, arose against Alison Morris and the broadcasting channel upon this intentional faux pas, however, the reporter strongly defended her case by clarifying the issue. According to Morris she incorrectly said Nakers instead of pronouncing it Lakers which she promptly corrected.

The Clarification by Alison Morris

The reporter explained that she misspoke unintentionally. she, in fact, accidentally mixed up NewYork’s  NBA team Knicks and Kobe Bryant’s Lakers, thus, abruptly called out a combination of “Knicks” and “Lakers,” which sounded like a racial slur.

It was certainly a tragic live event on which Alison Morris was commenting. The possibility of making verbal gaffes in such cases become high. In addition, Alison could get a benefit of the doubt’ as nothing similar to this happened before in her career of reporting.

Many Friends and Co-Workers, in fact, supported Alison Morris’s statement and clarification. These include Ali Velshi, Yasmin Vossoughian and comedian Wanda Sykes.

The Viral Fake News

Moreover, a false blog post became viral on Facebook stating: “MSNBC Reporter allegedly fired over racial slur while reporting on TV”. Disastrously, the headline has been viewed by more than 13.8 million people as of Jan. 29.

In response to this untrue coverage, authorities flagged the post. Facebook is, thus, taking strict action against this wrong information on its News Feed.