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Fans Can Send Bojack Horseman A Letter To Say Goodbye

Fans Can Send Bojack Horseman A Letter To Say Goodbye

Letters To Bojack Horseman

This project is started by the owner of the @bojackhiddenjokes Instagram account. This project was inspired by the letter-writing shown in the Season 6 trailer. The ‘About’ section of the website says:

If the most unapologetic horse can benefit from sitting and writing about its feelings, what can happen when fans who’ve been following this show for over five years sit to do it?

According to the people behind this project, it is a way to thank the creators of Bojack Horseman for a ‘once in a lifetime’ show.

The website contains a series of letters written to Bojack Horseman and other important characters. The letters thank the show for what it had taught them as well as for healing them, inspiring them, and all the ways it had connected with them on a personal level. Some of the letters are so touching that we got teary-eyed reading them.

Such as this letter which explains how Bojack Horseman was immensely therapeutic for sufferers of mental illness.

I’m crying as I write this. Which is stupid, you’re not real and I’m just a stranger you’ll never know about. You’ve helped me a lot. You’ve shown me I can get better. That I can climb from rock bottom. You’ve realized aspects of my mental health I could never depict in words. I’m going to start therapy eventually, and when words won’t describe my garbage-fire brain I know your show will. The ‘Stupid Piece of Sh*t’ montage is the most real, most accurate thing I’ve ever seen. It is verbatim how my brain functions.

Your show will end tomorrow and everything will be worse. – Emma

More heart-touching letters for cast

Another letter was penned by someone who shared how Bojack Horseman had saved their life and helped them go to therapy.

….. realized i too was sad and depressed in ways i hadnt understood until i saw the characters express what they felt. Eventually, my depression and anxiety took me to really low points and watching re-runs would make me laugh. thanks to this show, i started going to therapy and im on my way to getting better. i know i will someday but i gotta try everyday. that’s what i learned from you and the show’s creators. so thank you.

In fact, another letter we absolutely loved was a lesson someone had learned from the show:

Dear Bojack,

Sometimes we are quick to judge people without understanding them or being empathetic. Sometimes people don’t understand us and what we feel or what we mean, or how we feel about things that we do.

Thank you for helping me become more empathetic and understand more about the internal struggles of everyone.

You have helped me see the world from a different perspective…. helped me understand people and their struggles a little better.

You have made me feel good by feeling bad.



Fans wrote countless beautiful letters to Bojack Horseman, sharing how it changed their lives in the most special and unforgettable way.

To Diane, Hollyhock, Kelsey, and more

One letter was even written to Diane, Hollyhock, and Kelsey by someone who connected with them and healed from them.

dearest diane, hollyhock, kelsey,

  • wanda, charlotte, that girl from chapter ten of your book,and of course, an honorable mention for beatrice horseman and jamison h. your stories have made me feel so much less alone. the parts of your stories that were relatable, and that weren’t, and especially the parts that completely changed as i healed between rewatchings.special thanks to gina, penny, and princess carolyn.

There are so many more messages on the website and we think this was an amazing idea. It serves as an outlet for the Bojack Horseman audience to let out their emotions and what they learned as they bid farewell to the show. It is also a way to honor the show for the masterpiece it was. The creators deserve all the credit and recognition for what they had given to the audience. Understanding. Healing. Connections. Memories for a lifetime.

Bojack writes back to the fans who wrote him letters

And the best part is that the Bojack Horseman cast to read the letters. And they acknowledged and appreciated them.

In fact, Bojack himself wrote a note back to all the fans who had written to him. On his official Twitter, he shared his hearty response and shared the website link:

Oh my God. This is Bojack Horseman talking to us- can you feel it?!

He shared a message for all the people who had related and written to him. Explaining that when someone feels bad it mostly feels like they are alone in it, which makes them feel worse. Bojack also shared that it was ‘weird’ having his story up on Netflix but it’s nice to know that his story means something to people.

He ended it with a thank you to all the people who wrote him a letter as they mean something to him too.

This is so moving. we’re going to cry. Of happiness. Sadness. And everything in between. We love you, Bojack Horseman.