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Addison Rae is nervous about her acting debut in "He's All That"

Addison Rae is nervous about her acting debut in “He’s All That”

The famous TikToker, singer, soon-to-be actor, and content creator is a bit nervous and worried about her acting debut in “He’s All That”. Addison Rae is a very famous TikToker and has a following of 80.3 million. Moreover, she also recently released her first song “Obsessed”. “Obsessed” crossed 20 million in two months! Many of Addison’s fans were happy for her and even congratulated her on Twitter.

However, not all people were impressed with her singing skills and music debut. They weren’t supportive of her having a music career.

Addison Rae gets nervous about her first movie appearance

Even though, the famous TikToker has gained a lot of fame and excelled in many things, acting in a big feature film is an immense task! And it does seem like Addison is well aware of that fact.

In an interview with Variety’s Marc Malkin during the MTV Movie and TV awards, Addison Rae admitted that she is a little bit nervous over the release of her first movie “He’s All That”. The movie is a remake of a 90’s classic “She’s All That” with gender-swapped roles. Addison Rae will be taking the leading role in “He’s All That” along with Tanner Buchanan.

Is Addison serious about her upcoming movie?

Despite being nervous about the release of her upcoming movie, Addison Rae explained that she took the film very seriously:

I’m a little nervous but I did my very best and that’s all I can do. I was taking acting classes seven days a week before the film started. I spent hours and hours a day doing script analysis, definitely made sure to take it seriously.

Rae also added that the movie incorporated new concepts and ideas that made it more relevant for the 21st century.

Even though Addison Rae’s musical debut was met with a lot of criticism, her fans are excited about her acting debut. We’re hopeful about it too!

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