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YouTubers Mr.Beast and KSI invest in new social network Xcad

Yep. It is true. Mr. Beast and KSI invested in a new social network. Xcad is a network that focuses on YouTube content mainly. This platform is for creators and their fans as well. The YouTube-focused social media economy announced that they secured prominent investment from famous YouTubers like Mr. Beast and KSI. KSI is a musician and YouTuber as well. And Mr.Beast is a renowned businessman and a popular influencer. Both of them are famous on social media and have a total of more than 85 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. KSI and Mr.Beast recently showed an interest in Cryptocurrency space on their social media accounts. They have previously invested in some Cryptocurrency projects as well.

Many of the YouTubers and influencers are interested in the Xcad network and are backing it too. With them being interested in this network, it seems like the next generation of content creators will be able to monetize their content in the Xcad Network.

What really is Xcad?

Xcad network is the world’s first platform that will allow the next generation of content creators to monetize their content. It utilizes tokenization which will help content creators and viewers earn more through engagement.

The CEO and co-founder of Xcad, Oliver Bell expressed how excited Mr.Beast and KSI were to join their network.

When we started discussing our vision for Xcad network with both Mr. Beast and KSI, they both jumped at the chance to become a part of the project.

The involvement of Mr. Beast and KSI in the Xcad network is a huge endorsement for them. Many fans and subscribers will run after the opportunity of becoming a part of the Xcad network. And with what Xcad is doing, they are surely going to rule over YouTube and leave it behind as well.

Joel Morris, one of the co-founders of Xcad network said:

Mass adoption is the end goal here. Mr. Beast and KSI investing in Xcad network is one giant step towards that goal.

We are really excited to see how the content creators and the viewers will earn revenue through the Xcad.