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ACE Family caught selling their furniture online after losing home to foreclosure

Recently, a TikToker revealed that the ACE Family is selling its furniture online. This comes after they denied the foreclosure news.

After ACE Family revealed details about their house foreclosure, people started to come forward with more tea. According to a TikToker, they have posted a video and shared that the McBrooms are selling their furniture online. In the recent video, the couple claimed they sold their house. However, it seems that they did indeed lose the house to foreclosure. Therefore, they are forced to sell the furniture. A few days back, Catherine McBroom’s dad also came under fire for comparing their situation with SA victims.

In a recent video, ACE Family claimed to be tricked by the builders and contractors

A few months ago, news came out that the ACE Family house was up for auction and went into foreclosure. According to reports, the McBrooms failed to pay their debts, resulting in foreclosure. However, no one bought the house, and it went back to the bank. A few days ago, the ACE Family uploaded a video explaining everything. While talking about it, they detailed how the builders and contractors scammed them. According to them, the builders did not give them a certificate of occupancy, and they could not take loans because of it. At the same time, they claimed that their front door started coming apart within three weeks. Similarly, the ceiling kept leaking the entire time they were there. Despite their explanation, ACE Family faced backlash.

Few days later, Catherine McBroom’s father came under fire for his insensitive comments.

On her Instagram stories, ACE Family member Catherine McBroom shared her dad’s texts to a troll. Although she intended to express her gratitude for his support, it did not sit well with many people. In the ACE Family’s defense, he claimed that civil lawsuits do not define a person’s character or harm their reputation. At the same time, he said:

Blaming my daughter for what happened with her house is like blaming a r**e victim of seducing her attacker because she is wearing a mini-skirt. People like you are disgusting. For the sake of argument, let’s pretend for a second that mu daughter is the person you wish she were. Hell, let’s pretend they killed someone: who in their right mind takes on the father’s Instagram to confront him with what supposedly his kids did. I mean obviously you seek only one thing and that is to cause harm, pain and shame.

After her stories, many people criticized the family and called them out. However, McBroom stuck to her stance that it was not insensitive at all.

Recently, a TikToker discovered that ACE Family is selling their furniture online.

In a TikTok video, a TikToker who goes by the name of ‘Beauty Forever’ shared screenshots of ads of furniture selling. The ads are put up by ACE Family, who are selling their living room furniture. While their white sectional couch is up for $4000, the marble coffee tables are being sold for $1000 each. At the same time, their luxurious mattress is up for $8900. In their living room, they had displayed a massive sculpture of a hand that was being sold for $800. With these ads, the news of the ACE Family getting bankrupt is true. To pay for their several lawsuits, they are on the way to selling all of their belongings.

Unfortunately, the couple is still trying to put up a false façade. However, it is sad to see them in trouble when you think of their kids.