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A Mum Hits 2-Year-Old Toddler On Damaging Jeffree Star Palette

A Mum Hits 2-Year-Old Toddler On Damaging Jeffree Star Palette

On today’s episode of crazy Jeffree Star fans, we have a rather messy situation going on. Well, it is also kind of sad. And the Internet has gone berserk. Basically, a mom hit her two-year-old child for ruining her Jeffree Star palette. And she has received a huge amount of backlash for physically abusing the child. The mother has tried explaining herself, too. Let us give you the details of the entire fiasco.

Mom hits toddler for ruining Jeffree Star palette

The mother, named Michelle Grace has a small YouTube channel and is a makeup lover. Here’s what happened. Michelle posted a (now deleted) video on her channel where she shared her anger and disappointment at her broken eyeshadow palette. She went on to say her hand hurts after beating her two-year-old for ruining her Jeffree Star Alien eyeshadow palette.

She went on to say that her child has ruined two of her beloved palettes so far, one of which has been discontinued.

The toddler can be heard crying in the background, throughout the duration of the video.

The backlash!

As soon as the video gained attention, people started bashing the mother for beating her child and calling her out for abuse.

Philip DeFranco, a popular YouTuber was one of those who criticized her. He shared his frustration and heartbreak that someone would spank their child, that too over a palette.

Soon there was more backlash as more people saw the video, screen recorded and shared it over social media.

More people pointed out that it is not even generally okay to beat your child. Their safety is always more important.

In the midst of it all, someone said that they think it’s a stunt for Jeffree Star’s attention. In reply, another user hoped that Jeffree* would respond and tell her to never buy his products again.

Evidently, the situation kept escalating and getting worse. So Michelle Grace decided to share an explanation.

She explained to everyone that her toddler knows right from wrong and was aware of her behavior. She added that she does spank her child, but only when she “absolutely will not listen to my guidance.”

Michelle went on to say that her hand was hurting long before she spanked her toddler. So, it was not hurting because of hitting her.

But people are not ready to forgive her yet. They insist that she has been an abusive mother and these excuses won’t work.

Of course, it’s not okay to justify physical violence under any circumstances. But at the same time, Michelle Grace needs someone to educate her on the consequences of it. And as wrong, as it is, many parents fully believe it is their right to hit their child when necessary. It is, in fact, a common issue that needs more awareness on a large scale.

We hope the situation cools down soon and that she takes something positive out of it.