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Zac Efron Posts Heartfelt Tribute to Grandmother on Her Passing Away

It’s always hard to say goodbye to our loved ones. But one has to when death comes knocking at the door. Zac Efron’s grandmother recently passed away and in her remembrance, the actor paid her a tribute.

A Heartfelt Tribute

The Extremely Wicked Shocking Evil and Vile star took to his Instagram to post a family picture. In the caption he writes,

Love you Grandma. Rest In Peace. We’ll take good care of Grandpa for you.–wI-FXRl/

In April, at his appearance on The Ellen Show, the star told Ellen that his grandmother had passed a few days prior.

“My Grandma,” he paused. “May she rest in peace now. She just passed a few days ago.”

Zac Efron also admitted to getting sentimental when he looked at his grandmother’s pictures. The actor has always been vocal abut how much he loves his family. On his grandfather’s birthday, the actor posted on his Instagram.

Talking more about his grandmother, he boasted,

She was the best scrap booker. My grandma would show up every day to where you could buy Tiger Beat and she would cut them out and make those posters. So, every time I come to the house as I got older and older there was more and more.”

We send Zac Efron and his family our deepest condolences. May they stay strong and cope well during this difficult time.