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Ted Bundy Movie Starring Zac Effron Gets Criticism

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We already have our first looks into the upcoming Ted Bundy film starring the very popular Zac Effron. But with the first trailer out, Extremely Wicked, Shocking Evil and Vile clip is already facing a lot of criticism. After it aired on the Sundance Film Festival, critics slammed the footage online for how it appears to sexualize the serial killer victims. People are actively expressing their opinions on how all this attention was all that serial killer Ted Bundy ever wanted. Moreover, it could also be traumatic for the victims’ families.  However, some people are siding with the movie’s casting option because it shows that a serial killer could be any normal likeable personality that you know.

Tedy Bundy: A Notorious Serial Killer

For those who do not know, Ted Bundy confessed killing 30 women in seven states. The convict even escaped custody twice. However, he finally got his execution for all his horrendous crimes in 1989. This upcoming movie about the serial killer starring Zac Effron has a 90-second clip which might leave you with mixed feelings. Ever since it aired, critics are unable to decide whether to slam the concept or appreciate the casting.

Controversy over the Movie

Twitter was taken over as people expressed their fury at how the movie sexualizes the serial killer. And how it can be traumatic for  the victims’ families. Critics believe that all this media attention and posthumous fame is everything that Bundy ever desired. Some even picked on Hollywood for making the worst human beings in history immortal with their portrayal. And even probed if the industry would soon come up with a Harvey Weinstein  biopic.

However, other people disagree and point out that the Baywatch star is probably perfectly cast in the role. For a motion picture on how media romanticized Bundy for his killings, Zac Effron brings a whole new spirit to Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. It showcases how any charming personality you know can be a serial killer. This was the reality of Ted Bundy.

Even if people are defending the High School Musical star in this role, nothing can change the fury that critics have for all this attention to Ted Bundy. Apparently, this is another addition to the topic because previously, there are Ted Bundy tapes on Netflix- a project by the same director.

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