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You Season 3 | Fan Theories on who is Joe's neighbor?

You Season 3 | Fan Theories on who is Joe’s neighbor?

Why Joe has a neighbor?

That’s a question some must be wondering about. When Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) found the ‘love’ of his life in Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti ), then why the hell he moved to a location with the neighborhood. He should have bought a single-and-gated bungalow surrounded by landscape and nothing but the landscape for miles. But no, Joe and Love are just going to live like normal couples as if they were normal. Now, some might argue that they are doing it for their ‘daughter’ to give her a normal life. However, they are anything but normal and they are going to be extremely possessive parents when it comes to their daughter.

You Season 2 ending did not surprise us at all because that is expected from Joe whenever he finds his true love. It’s all a vicious circle. But that neighbor literally made us all shriek “oh shit! not again!”. That brings us to the next question.

Who is Joe’s neighbor?

The true You fans have lots of interesting theories. Joe found his true love and true match in Love Quinn. They are finally having a kid together, and we will get the first look in You Season 3. But this neighbor thingy is creeping people out. Some are saying that might be Beck and she might be ‘still alive’. Since Joe wanted to kill Love before she dropped the pregnancy bomb, the theorists say he might not still love LOVE anymore. Love is a dark person just like Joe, both have murdered people to PROTECT people they love or care for. So, bringing Beck back into the series makes sense. But that would be such a cliche.

Some even say that might be Dr. Nicky’s wife. Well, it makes some sense as well. We saw Forty Quinn, Love Quinn’s twin brother, visiting Dr. Nicky (John Stamos) in the jail. Where Forty tried to convince Dr. Nicky that he is innocent, however; Dr. Nicky said though he did not kill Beck, he deserves to be punished for cheating on his wife. Now, the neighbor is wearing a ring on her finger. That might mean this neighbor is married. On the contrary, that might also mean she is wearing a random ring on that finger. Probably, the neighbor really is Dr. Nicky’s wife and Dr. Nicky would try to get himself out of the jail and fight for his wife. Some also believe that it might be Dr. Nicky’s wife planning revenge on Joe and free her husband.

You Season 3 | This fan theory is better

However, the other theory is what I am rooting for as well. That just makes more sense. And that is, wait for it, Joe’s neighbor is Joe’s mother. In You season 2, we saw many flashbacks between Joe Goldberg and his mother. How she was having affairs, how the ‘boyfriend’ kept beating her because he didn’t trust her, and how Joe ended up killing that boyfriend. I honestly thought that was his father but it was never revealed who exactly was that guy. Anyways, Joe’s mother left Joe, and she was never shown dead.

Even the real Will Bettelheim of season 2, played by Robin Lord Taylor, laid an Easter egg at the beginning of the season. He said every guy is trying to marry his own mother. Joe, in flashbacks, did mention his home is “You”, his mother.

Or, well, again, another theory says that is someone totally new and we’ll see her in You Season 3 for the first time. And it just shows how Joe will never be satisfied with one person. He will always be looking for someone better than his latest love. If she is new, she should better watch out because Love Quinn is not good at sharing.

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