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Xiumin Shows Supports Fellow EXO Members Following the Comeback

He may not be the part of the new EXO album, but Xiumin sure is there in spirit. The eldest member of the group, Xiumin, enlisted in the army earlier this year for the mandatory enlistment. This is the reason why he’s not part of the album. However, the singer took to his Instagram and showed that even though he’s not there, he’s still supporting his group.

Xiumin Cheers on EXO on the Comeback and Declares He Wants to be Part of X-EXO

If you’re a fan of EXO, you already know what we mean when we say X-EXO. For the album Obsession, the group chose a dark concept in which each member has an evil counterpart. EXO made their comeback on November 27 with their sixth album “OBSESSION,” and Xiumin posted on Instagram for the first time since May to cheer the group on.

Xiumin took to his Instagram to post a picture of the groups’ teaser pictures, with the caption relaying his wish to be part of X-EXO. He writes,

X-EXO, you guys are pretty cool…? Add me in. Since my name starts with ‘X’ too.”

He Still Loyal to EXO Too

Xiumin also posted a group teaser picture of EXO and captioned it,

My members.. you’re handsome but you look too nice.

He also posted EXO’s logo for their comeback with the caption, “My phone background… I finally changed it from the diamond!” The logo for EXO’s previous comeback with “Love Shot” was a diamond.

Xiumin enlisted for mandatory military service on May 7, and he is set to discharge in December 2020.