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Why Kelsy Karter Carved a Harry Styles Face Tattoo on Her Cheek

A swarm of speculations generate when Kelsy Karter gets Harry Styles’ face Tattoo on her cheek.

Kelsy Karter Engraves Harry Style Face Tattoo

Nowadays, Kelsy Karter is dominating the headlines via her recent act of inking Harry style’s face tattoo on her cheeks. This is not Kelsy’s first attempt to show her obsession with Harry Styles.  Karter, famous for her “Kiss the Boy” song, made her very first Instagram post using a clip of Harry Styles’ performance.

Talking to i-D in July, Karter  has previously revealed her admiration for Harry style,

“What I love about him from a professional standpoint is that he was the poppiest of popstars, and then he went off on his own and made a classic album. I feel like I’m a female version. I actually moved to America to act, and music became my main thing. Rock ‘n’ roll is my passion. I really want to work with him. Let’s work, Harry. Where you at? Mark my words: I’m getting a song on his album,”

Romeo Lacoste Inked The Tattoo On Kelsy’s Face

Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste inked the tattoo on Kelsy’s face. The popular Tattoo artist has previously painted tattoos on the skin of renown celebrities including Ariana Grande and Kendrick Lamar.

 Kelsy Karter’s Instagram Display

The singer, hence shared her Harry Style’s face tattoo on her Instagram post on Jan 26, with the following caption: ‘Mama, look what i made me do.’

Moreover, her exceptional tattoo post went viral on Twitter. The Newzealand-born Kelsy received an immense response via over 3,000 tweeting replies. Her twitter followers then posted Harry GIFS and images to express their confused reactions on Kelsy’s tattoo show.

Earlier, the singer has hinted about her surprise for Harry’s birthday which will be on February 1st. She posted on Twitter about her eagerness to do something for her favorite musical star Harry Styles. Kelsy Karter is perhaps dying to record a song on Harry’s next album.

The LA-based artist is certain to work with Harry. Kelsy Karter has also recorded a song for  Harry’s former bandmate, Zayn Malik which would be soon released. Furthermore, on an interview regarding her work with Zayn Malik, Karter revealed her passion to work with Harry styles, commenting in the following words,

“Mark my words: I’m getting a song on his album”.

Fans Are Dubious On This Social Media Tattoo Publicity

Still, fans are doubtful about Kelsy’s recent tattoo propaganda. The inky display that seems genuine might be a temporary publicity hoopla to catch devotees attention.

One twitter follower is quite outspoken on this matter. He wrote,

“I wanna say this is fake but ya never know…Ok just tell me this is fake.”

Some authentic resources have however approached Romeo to clear all doubts about the tattoo certitude.

Everybody is however anxious to know about Harry Style’s response to Karter’s fanatic attempt.