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Why Fans Are Furious About GQ Magazine Cover of Serena Williams

Controversy has booked a special place in Serena Williams’ life. Whenever she escapes one social media storm, another outrage is already waiting for her. This time Serena Williams made it to the cover of the GQ magazine. However, certain aspects of the GQ magazine cover have her fans furious.

The GQ Magazine Puts Serena Williams Gender Controversy Up For Debate

The magazine, which critics acclaim for the special attention and space it hives to the male sex, underwent some creative changes to appeal to a broader range of audience. However, this did not go well with its readers or Serena Williams. Over the years, the GQ magazine cover has featured several men in its ‘Man of the Year’ title. This time, the 37-year-old tennis champion, Serena Williams, graced its cover as the first GQ Woman of the Year. While it appeared as an embracing move by GQ magazine, fans accused the magazine of mocking Williams’s gender controversy.

The GQ magazine cover listed the word “woman” in inverted commas. This subsequently led several readers to believe that it was an apparent reference to the ugly gender accusations placed on the 23-time Grand Slam winner.

Fans Are Furious

Enraged fans took on to Twitter to express their frustration over the disrespectful mention by the magazine. Fans; however, where were pleased to see how elegant Serena looked on the GQ magazine cover.

“They really put “Woman” in quotes in reference to Serena and no one at the table thought it was a bad idea. I’m speechless.”

“I wish they hadn’t put woman in quotation marks but Serena looks great.”

“i just wanna know why virgil put “woman” in quotation marks on a serena williams cover.”

Quotation Marks Just A GQ Magazine Cover Style?

However, the truth of the controversy lies in the signature style of writer Virgil Abroh. Abroh is the designer of the GQ magazine cover. He is known to use quotation marks as a trademark for his work. Some sources even quote that Abroh has copyrighted his “unique” writing fashion.

Serena Williams Weighs In On Her Gender Controversy

Fans have, over the years, often offended Serena Williams with their remarks on her muscular anatomy. Serena defended her case early this year when she talked about how her years of rigorous sports had shaped her body to become less womanly. Serena is proud of her physique, which she calls “badass.” She also believes that along with being strong and muscular, there is also a natural beauty to her physique.