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Where to Watch Will and Grace Season 11 Episodes Online

The first five episodes of Debra Messing, Megan Mullally, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes, and starrer hit TV-show, is available now. Fans can watch Will and Grace season 11 episodes online on the NBC streaming service. The reboot of the sitcom will come to a close after season 3.

How to Watch Will and Grace Online?

The first 5 episodes of Will and Grace reboot are available online now. Fans can watch the latest (The Grief Panda) and the previous 4 episodes on NBC right now.

The latest season is only available on NBC at the moment whereas online streaming service Hulu is airing the first 8 seasons of the comic sitcom.

Apple iTunes, YouTube. Google Play and Vudu are also offering online streams of Will and Grace’s pre-reboot seasons which ran from 1998-2004.

Why the show was Rebooted

Amidst popular demand, Will and Grace was given a reboot almost three years ago. The show’s characters Will Truman, Grace Adler, Karen Walker, and Jack McFarland have reunited once again after almost a decade.

The renewed Will and Grace showcased the unerasable chemistry and bond as the gang dodges all the occurrences in this roller-coaster world and with the inclusion of Demi Lovato, things might get even more interesting

Much Less Political Jokes In the Latest Season

Series co-creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan told The Post that the show will focus more on the characters and less on political humor.

It will be topical, but not really, as far as Trump stuff. Because there’s so much craziness happening on a daily basis, by the time this is released it’s weeks later.

The two were referring to Will and Grace season 2 of the reboot, which saw a plethora of Trump-related jokes. It resulted in a substantial drop in viewership.

The co-producers share why it’s not a good idea to add more political jokes in Will and Grace.

The best stuff is already being done on a nightly basis or at least on a weekly basis with Bill Maher, John Oliver, the late shows and ‘Saturday Night Live.’ We can’t match them for the topicality.