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Where To Watch The Spanish Series “Diary Of A Gigolo” Online?

If you guys are into suspense, and murder mixed with not just a hint but a lot of romance, then this Spanish tv series Diary Of A Gigolo is a must-watch. And it’s easily available on your favorite streaming service Netflix. Diary Of A Gigolo aka Diario De Un Gigoló in Spanish is a short tv series based on ten episodes in total. Moreover, each episode is about 54 minutes long. Though we all are familiar with Netflix’s hit story plots. And this one is not any different. Mixing suspense, mystery, murder and a lot of jaw-dropping steamy scenes is Netflix’s go-to hit recipe.

Oh, I totally forgot to mention that The Diary Of A Gigolo is quite similar to Netflix’s Elite (another murder/suspense/mystery tv show). Where the story revolves around solving the mysterious murder and having detailed interrogations with the suspects. And last but not least, knowing about the love interest of the main lead/Gigolo.

Cast Of Diary Of A Gigolo

Before jumping to the cast, I would like to tell you guys that this show is created by Sebastián Ortega (an Argentine producer/director/writer). And it is directed by Mariano Ardanaz. The main lead Emanuel is played by Spanish actor Jesús Castro. When his life goes upside down, Minou (Adriana Barraza) gives him shelter and a job he never asked for. Then one of Minou’s clients Ana played by Mexican actress Fabiola Campomanes asks for Emanuel’s special services and develops some sort of possessiveness towards him.

Victoria White plays the role of Ana’s daughter Julia. The rest of the cast includes Florencia played by Begoña Narváez, Dolores played by Eugenia Tobal, and Ana’s husband’s role Victor is played by Francisco Denis. And the list goes on consisting of some of the very talented Mexican, Spanish and other actors.


Finally, it’s time to reveal the story of Diary Of A Gigolo. The story revolves around a boy named Emanuel who lives in an orphanage with his little brother. So one day, Emanuel and his friend make a plan to rob a store. Out of fear, Emanuel’s friend shoots the store’s owner. And that’s when the emergency siren starts ringing and Emanuel manages to run away from the store and jumps into some old lady’s house. The old lady ‘Minou’ saves Emanuel from the police and gives him food and a room to live in.

The old lady turns out to be the owner of a very popular art gallery. Not just that, she was also offering escort services to rich women who were in dire need of love, s*x, and pleasure. Minou’s business was flourishing day by day. Moreover, Emanuel was her most demanded employee and had a very long list of clients who loved his services.

Here comes a little twist !!

Ana, CEO of a pharmaceutical company, was among such clients who loved Emanuel’s services. After the sudden and horrifying death of her husband, Ana marries her husband’s best friend and business partner Victor. Victor kind of takes over the business when Ana shows no interest in the projects. On the other hand, Ana seeks Emanuel’s expertise to satisfy her needs.

Surprisingly, Ana’s daughter Julia minds her own business. She also thinks that even after so many years of the accident, her mother is still unable to digest the fact that how come Julia survived the car incident when her father Victor couldn’t. Anyways, lost in her own world, the only thing Julia loves is expressing her feelings through art. So one day Ana talks to one of her friends and mentions that she is worried about her daughter Julia who hardly has a social life.

So Ana’s friend Dolores suggests her to spice things up in Julia’s life with romance and stuff. Though Dolores wasn’t serious about the suggestion, but Ana took it seriously. Moreover, Ana also asked Emanuel (her escort) to help her daughter. He says no to Ana straightaway as his relationship with his clients is solely based on trust, consent, and intimacy. But Ana still pushes him to reconsider and leaves a blank check for him along with Julia’s personal diary.

We Are Halfway There!!

Emanuel really wanted to say no to Ana but he had to accept her bribe to save Minou from a drug dealer and loan shark. And after reading Julia’s personal diary, he plans to take things into his own hands and earn her trust. All hell breaks loose on Emanuel when his boss and manager find news about his love interest. And Ana starts getting jealous of Emanuel and her daughter Julia’s relationship.

You guys will have to watch all ten episodes of Diary Of A Gigolo in order to know about the
male escort/gigolo Emanuel who breaks multiple rules to be with the love of his life. And to find out how Julia’s mother Ana was found dead in Emanuel’s house and who killed her.

Though the show has many loopholes and the ending itself is very confusing. But you will still love the Diary Of A Gigolo because of Emanuel and Julia’s amazing chemistry.