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Vampire Academy Episode 9’s Ending Left Us Asking All These Questions

Vampire Academy episode 9 gave us so many shocking twists and turns that we are left wide-eyed with immense shock. Hence, there are plenty of questions that need to be answered regarding the Vampire Academy and its recent episode. Keeping in mind that this is all based on just the series, without referencing the books they were based on. The show is nothing like the books as it has made a lot of changes. Hence we are just focusing on the Vampire Academy show itself.

Why is Tatiana keeping Andre alive?

Andre is still alive in Vampire Academy
Vampire Academy Episode 9

One of the biggest shocking twists for fans was that Andre was still alive. He was thought to be dead during the accident in episode 1, which killed Lissa’s parents. That led to Lissa being named the next ruler of the Dominion.

We now know that Tatiana has no actual concern for the well-being of the Dominion, she only craves power. But we’re unsure why she kept Andre alive. Perhaps she’ll use him to emotionally blackmail Lissa to gain something evil in the Vampire Academy season finale.

Now that Andre is alive, will he become king?

Andre Dragomir was already on his way to becoming the new king of the dominion but he tragically died in an accident. Or so we thought. Now that he’s alive, he might survive. And there’s a high chance that he will become the king now.

Lissa always wanted Andre to become the king and was hesitant to take on the role initially. Only after things started to get complicated did she fully decide to take on the role. Things got further complicated when Tatiana made her ineligible and in the meanwhile, Victor becomes power-hungry. So, currently, we saw only Tatiana and Victor compete for the crown.

In the end, we also saw the Queen making the executive decision to halt the trials and wait until Lissa is ready to rule and make her the queen. Will Lissa forfeit and make Andre the king when she finds out if he’s alive?

Now, what will happen to Lissa’s plans?

now what will happen to lissa plans vampire academy Vampire Academy
Vampire Academy

Lissa Dragomir has been through a very difficult time. In the very first episode, she lost her entire family and was told that she had to rule over the dominion in Andre’s absence. She wasn’t ready but ended up finally accepting the role, only for it to be taken away from her.

Then she found out that she’s a Spirit User, a fifth secret type of Moroi that unintentionally use darkness for their powers. Moreover, she also found out that she’s linked by spirit to Rose when she resurrected her during the night of the accident. Lissa has no choice but to make Rose stand down as her Guardian, ultimately straining their relationship.

She also found out that the parents of the man she loves were the reason her family is dead. Christian Ozera’s parents are Strigoi and are after the Dragomir bloodline for some inexplicable reason. It’s something that would be very difficult for both of them to get over.

Lissa ultimately made the current queen rule in her favor and halted the competition between Tatiana and Victor. But that was before the Strigoi attack. Everything is up in the air as of this moment.

Are Christian’s parents leaders of the Strigoi and what’s their goal?

Christian’s parents definitely seem to be the leaders of the Strigoi, but what is their main goal? They were thought to be feral and animalistic but now they seem to be calculated and sharp. Do they just want to take over the Dominion, feed off the Moroi and Dhampirs, and increase the Strigoi numbers? Moreover, why is Tatiana Vogel supporting them? It’s clear she wants to spread chaos in the land for her personal gain. But is there another secret deal struck between the two?

Did they free Strigoi Sonya because Strigoi Mikhail might be alive?

We all loved Sonya and Mikhail as a couple because they looked so adorable together. But unfortunately, Mikhail ended up being turned Strigoi because of an unplanned attack. Sonya couldn’t cope with losing him and used her powers to heal her ailing father Victor so that he could survive and become king. But that took a toll on her and the darkness consumed her. She became Strigoi herself and Christain’s parents kidnapped Sonya’s sister Mia in order to get a hold of Sonya.

What link does she have to Christian’s parents? They said it was just a ruse to attack the Dominion. But maybe Strigoi Mikhail is still alive and helping them and Tatiana. We might get a messed-up zombie Strigoi love story between Sonya and Mikhail! There might also be a chance that Sonya is Christian’s half-sister because she was adopted by her parents (fathers).

Will Christian kill his Strigoi parents?

Christain Ozera got too angry when he found out that his parents were just manipulating them to ambush an attack. He used his fire powers (something that isn’t allowed), on his parents. He missed his mother who ran away but the fire touched his father who was screaming in agony.

Plus, he was already furious at them for killing Lissa’s family. There’s a big chance that he would stop at nothing to kill his Strigoi parents because, after all, they’re not the same people anymore.

Will Mia marry Andre or stay loyal to Meredith?

Last we saw Mia, she was kidnapped by Christain’s Strigoi parents and handed back to the Dominion before they ambushed an attack. Mia seemed to be under the influence of some drug during the attack. We saw Mia have some serious character development where she protected Meredith and also showed her affection towards her.

Before that, she was all set to marry Andre and become queen of the Dominion. If Andre comes back, Mia may go back to him and marry him. But she’s been through a lot and she likes Meredith a lot. So, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Will Rose come back to the Dominion to save Lissa and her friends in the upcoming Vampire Academy episode?

Rose Hatheway ran away from the Dominion with Mason because she didn’t see any point in staying at the Dominion headquarters anymore. Lissa didn’t need her anymore as her guardian. Moreover, she didn’t want to spend her whole life subservient to the Moroi. Rose always wanted more in life and it was her dream to run away with Lissa and explore the world.

But now Lissa’s life is in danger and her spirit is bound to Rose. So there is a chance that Rose might sense Lissa in danger. And she might as well come back to save Lissa and all her friends from the vicious Strigoi attack.

What’s going to happen to Dmitri?

Dmitri took the fall of what Rose did when she let Mikhail’s sister escape the Dominion. As a result, he was given a very strong punishment but when the Strigoi attack happened, Dmitri’s punishment may be delayed. He may get bitten by Strigoi or he might escape and join the fight against the Strigoi. The Dominion definitely needs all hands on deck because they’re severely outnumbered.

Will the Moroi finally use their powers to defend themselves?

For some reason, in the fictional universe of Vampire Academy, the vampires aren’t allowed to use their magical powers. They instead rely on Dhampir Guardians to protect them from the Strigoi. But it seems like they would have no other choice but to use their magic because the Dhampir are already in very low numbers.