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Valkyrae may be playing Among Us with Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp

The very famous streamer Valkyrae recently revealed that she is planning on setting up an Among Us stream with Noah Schnapp who is the star of Stranger Things. Valkyrae revealed that she has been chatting with Noah for this purpose. She was one of the most popular Among Us streamer when the game was very famous. This was when the game recently launched and everyone was obsessed with it. Her personality and crazy antics helped her in her career and she became very famous on YouTube very fast.

She played a massive role in reviving InnerSloth’s murder mystery game, Among Us. This role helped her get the role of Content Creator of the Year at the Game Awards. Valkyrae was often seen playing the show. The celebrity became so famous that she even played with Jimmy Fallon, who is the host of ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’. This inspired other celebrities and many of them joined the show with Valkyrae.

Is Noah Schnapp pairing up with Valkyrae for an Among Us stream?

As many of the celebrities are wanting to join the show with Rae after the appearance of Jimmy Fallon, Noah Schnapp is also interested in this. It seems like Noah and Valkyrae have been exchanging messages about an Among Us stream.

Valkyrae said:

I am having just the weirdest conversations with Noah. So like two months ago, we were supposed to play Among Us and then he said he was busy. I was like ‘Okay. Let me know what day and time we can play in a lobby.’ That was April 21.

She furthermore said that Noah messaged her on may 27 and said:

Let’s do it. When should we do it?

And Valkyrae replied:

Do what b*tch? It’s been two months. What do you mean?

Valkyrae said that they should play Among Us game because of its popularity and she also asks Noah:

When are you available? Corpse wants to join too.

To which Noah said :

What game?

Valkyrae was totally baffled at the response of Noah and said:

Thinking about the Jimmy Fallon show. I can’t imagine it going well if we play a different game.

She also said that Corpse thinks that they should play Among Us as it would be easier to play and people love watching it. In the end, she added that Noah is probably going to bail at the last minute but let’s see what happens!