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Fans want Evan Roderick or Robert Wilde to play Nikolai Lantsov in Shadow and Bone season 2

Netflix has been bringing non-stop entertainment to the subscribers from many years. However, they took their sweet time (45 days to be precise) to announce the official renewal of Shadow and Bone. But, let’s still be thankful to them that they finally shared the news we were dying to hear since the day Shadow and Bone season 1 came out. Knowing how they left us hanging at season finale, it’s safe to assume that season 2 is going to bring much more than promised in the original book series. One thing, or one person, that is coming for sure, is Nikolai Lantsov.

Who is going to play Nikolai Lantsov?

When the cast of Shadow and Bone season 1 was announced, the fans who had already read the novels were very delighted with the casting. However, those who had not read the novels, did not even know about the Grishaverse at all. The nosy curious people like me, who read the novels AFTER the TV series was out, are probably more curious and less patient to know who will be playing Nikolai Lantsov.

If you have not read the whole series yet, it’s better to skip this article as it’ll be consisting of spoilers from the books 2 and 3. And the sequels as well. Nikolai Lantsov is not the only new character to be introduced in Shadow and Bone season 2. However, it will be one of the main characters from season 2 onwards. The love triangle between Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li), General Kirigan/Darkling (Ben Barnes) and Malyen Oretsev (Archie Renaux) will not be a triangle anymore. Fans are already divided into Team Darkling and Team Mal by now. They might not be willing to switch to Team Nikolai. However, all of them are desperately awaiting the casting announcement for Nikolai Lantsov. Nikolai is not just a prince, he is more than that as written beautifully by Leigh Bardugo.

Option 1: Evan Roderick

Suzanne Smith was the principal casting director for Shadow and Bone season 1. And she did a tremendous job. The characters were beautifully personified by the cast. Since Six of Crows is being merged with Shadow and Bone apparently, there will be other prominent cast additions from Six of Crows as well for the upcoming Shadow and Bone Season season 2. There are new characters in Siege and Storm (book 2 of Shadow and Bone trilogy) and Six of Crows (duology).

The interesting fact about Shadow and Bone season 1 casting is that Ben Barnes already knew he was the perfect fit for General Kirigan/Darkling. He was fully aware of the fact that majority of the fans used to picture him as General Kirigan even before the TV show was decided. He was the popular fan pick. And considering if the trend stays the same, there are chances that Nikolai Lantsov might be played by Evan Roderick or Robert Wilde.

Whether it is Tumblr, Twitter or Reddit, many fans are hoping that Evan Roderick gets to play the hot and handsome Nikolai.

In fact, seems like Evan Roderick himself is willing to play the role of Nikolai Lantsov:

He even liked comments on his latest Instagram post, wanting him as Nikolai Lantsov.

evan roderick Nikolai Lantsov
Evan Roderick/Instagram

Option 2: Robert Wilde

While majority of the internet wants Evan Roderick as Nikolai, we cannot ignore the fans who want Robert Wilde to play the role as well.

There are also some fans who want either Robert Wilde or Evan Roderick as Nikolai. There is no other option for them.

It’s going to be a tough call. Fans already have high expectations from the actor whoever gets selected to play Nikolai Lantsov. Let’s wait and watch (and pray) may the best Nikolai win.