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Unabomber's Second Victim Lived Next To Tony Soprano House

Unabomber’s Second Victim Lived Next To Tony Soprano’s House

The infamous Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski's second victim who passed away lived right next to Tony Soprano's house, and was killed there!

There are a lot of spooky coincidences happening all around the world. However, this one really catches the eye, revealed by Michael Imperioli in the latest Talking Sopranos podcast. He revealed that the second victim of Theodore J Kaczynski’s, the “Unabomber”, was killed right next to Tony Soprano’s house!

The Unabomber bombed a very popular neighborhood

Unabomber's Second Victim Lived Next To Tony Soprano House

For those who haven’t seen Netflix’s Manhunt: Unabomber, The Unabomber, was a serial bomber, famous for his unique method of killing, which was by mailing bombs to people’s doorstep or offices. He was a mathematical genius in his days but ended up killing people with an aim. That aim was to kill people involved in making modern technology. In the process, he killed 3 people and injured 23. However, what’s really special about the second victim of the Unabomber is where he lived.

The second victim of the Unabomber was Thomas J Mosser, who was an Advertising Executive, was killed on December 10th, 1994. The reason Ted gave for his killing was that:

because … Burston-Marsteller (Mosser’s advertising agency) helped Exxon clean up its public image after the Exxon Valdez incident

He lived in North Caldwell, New Jersey. However, that address might sound familiar, right? This is because this is the same neighborhood where Tony Soprano’s infamous house from The Sopranos is located! It’s located on 15 Aspen Drive, Caldwell, New Jersey, whereas Tony Soprano’s House was on 14 Aspen Drive.

I’m sure the Unabomber had no idea which place he was bombing. I mean, it happened 3 years before the shooting of the pilot. So, we’re not suggesting any conspiracy theories over here. It’s just a spooky coincidence that the Unabomber picked Tony Soprano’s neighborhood.

Kaczynski’s eventual arrest

Unabomber's Second Victim Lived Next To Tony Soprano House

The bombing in Caldwell was one of the Unabomber’s final killings. After that, his 3rd and final victim was Gilbert Brent Murray in Sacramento California, who sadly died. However, it was his last bombing, as Ted Kaczynski was finally caught on April 3, 1996, at his cabin near Lincoln, Montana. Thus, the Unabomber bombing such an iconic place in pop culture shows that “reality is stranger than fiction”.