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Troye Sivan and Lauv Dating or Just Promoting Song ‘I’m so Tired’?

From what the rumors say Troye Sivan has broken up with his boyfriend and is now going out with his former song partner Lauv.

Troye Sivan, the South African-born Australian singer, actor and internet personality, is rumored to have broken up with his ex-boyfriend Jacob Bixenman. But not just that. Apparently, the singer is already going out with someone else. And his new partner is none other than his fellow singer Lauv, whose real name is Ari Staprans Leff. The two also recently collaborated on their latest song I’m So Tired. But are these just baseless speculations or are they stemming from some solid evidence? Well, Sivan himself posted a picture with Lauv on Instagram linking hands and getting pretty cozy. And that was pretty much everything that fans needed to flood the comments section. Although nobody from Sivan, Jacob or Lauv has confirmed anything, fans are still losing it all over the internet.

Has Troye Sivan Ditched Jacob for Lauv?

This Saturday, the internet was taken over by a storm of curious comments expressing interest in knowing what happened between Troye Sivan and his longtime model boyfriend Jacob Bixenman. What apparently sparked all this interest in their relationship is Sivan’s latest post. The singer shared a picture with his co-singer Lauv who worked with him on his latest song I’m so tired. The two were standing pretty close, holding hands while Sivan rested his head on Lauv’s shoulder.

But well, based on the caption with the post, it’s pretty clear that the photo was simply teasing their upcoming new single together. They’ll be performing it together on Jimmy Kimmel Live on February 6th.

Lauv also shared an image of the friends together in a close embrace, while also pushing their new single. So, it’s evident that maybe Troye Sivan was aiming to promote their new single only with all this increased interest. He and his model boyfriend have been together since 2016.

Successful Careers of Troye Sivan and Lauv

Troye Sivan used to be a YouTuber in 2012 but shifted careers to pursue his passion for music. Since then he released two famous albums Blue Neighborhood (2015) and Bloom (2018). The musician has even collaborated with some big names like Ariana Grande for Dance to this and Martin Garrix for There for you. Troye Sivan has gone on 4 tours, 2 of which were for Blue Neighborhood and Bloom. He’s given live performances on popular talk shows The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live. His music portrays LGBTQ relationships openly, and is even starring in the movie Boy Erased.

Lauv, or Ari Staprans Leff, has a pretty successful musical career on his own. He garnered popularity when he released his first extended play Lost in the Light in 2015. You may have heard Lauv’s popular songs I Like Me Better, The Other and A Different Way.  His first tour experience was when he joined Ed Sheeran as a supporting act on his Divide Tour in Asia. Leff went on to have his own world tour in 2018 ‘I Met You When I Was 18’. And he’s got the number one spot on one Billboards Emerging Artists chart last year as well. Currently, he’s about to have an Asian tour this year.

Both singers and songwriters Troye Sivan and Lauv are certainly really successful in their respective musical careers. It would make sense if they were dating but perhaps this is just wishful thinking. Their song I’m so tired is a result of a wonderful music collaboration. We hope that they do more music collaborations in the future!

Listen to their song I’m so tired below.

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