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Rio and Beth Will Probably Get Together in Good Girls Season 2

Rio and Beth Will Probably Get Together in Good Girls Season 2

Good Girls Season 2 will premiere in 3rd March. Mae Whitman gave us a hint a month ago on how soon the season premiere was. Even though there is no official trailer for Good Girls season 2 as of yet. The official NBC Good Girl’s social media account has given some hints. And it’s blatantly clear that Rio and Beth will probably get together! Christina Hendricks plays Beth, and Manny Montana plays Rio.

They have cut out scenes from Good Girls’ first season, wherever Rio and Beth are in a room together and made it into an adorable and funny montage.

And it seems they have been shipping the two for quite a while now.

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Oh, bless their subtlety.

But this is pretty exciting news for anyone who shipped Christina Hendricks with Manny Montano. And let’s admit it; they make a cute couple together if you can ignore the fact that Rio has threatened to kill Beth and her two best friends, Annie and Ruby, on multiple occasions. The season 2 finale even had Rio and Beth head to head with each other, and the girls faced the consequences for bluffing Rio. No one knows what will happen. But just as  Christina Hendricks maneuvered her way out of the situation in the first season with Manny Montano’s character, she will most likely do it again.

Primarily, Good Girls will focus on the relationship the three women share. Retta, Mae Whitman, and Christina Hendricks were much loved in this new TV series because they showcased true women empowerment.

It would be interesting to see how Rio and Beth get together. That is a high possibility since the show’s official account keeps hinting at it.

Details About the Show

Good Girls was created by Jenna Bans and focus on how three women decide to stop playing it safe and take dangerous life risks for their families and themselves. The executive producers serving on the show are Dean Parisot, Jeannine Renshaw, Jenna Bans, and Sarah Stennett.

Good Girls Season 2 release date is 3rd March 2019.