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Trinity Rose & Aidan Gallagher Single 'Miss You' Is Out Now!

Trinity Rose & Aidan Gallagher Duet ‘Miss You’ Is Out Now!

After much waiting, the new single of The Voice’s Trinity Rose and The Umbrella Academy’s Aidan Gallagher, ‘Miss You’, is finally here. The duo had been collaborating on the their new song for quite a while now. Teasers started coming in right from the start of April!

Message Behind ‘Miss You’

The two musical artists shared with Billboard exclusively about the message behind their first and brand new duet. Rose and Gallagher explained how the song is based on a true story and highlights the special friendship which they have.

Rose explained that their friendship is a result of their mutual love of music. The two met on Instagram but couldn’t frequently meet in person since they lived states apart. However, collaborating on ‘Miss You’ gave Gallagher and Rose the chance to connect.

How I’d feel if you were here. I’d be home.

Ultimately, the song is about human connection and the beautiful bonds we can share with one another. Aidan Gallagher had his own special take on it, elaborating on how it’s about two people that are desperate and determined to convey their love to one another. Despite the circumstances pulling two people apart, they are still adamant in professing their true love for one another. Many people can relate to this emotion, it’s something quite common. Perhaps, that’s the true genius of this song. It allows you to relate to such an intimate song.

Is ‘Miss You’ Available Now?

Unfortunately, the song hasn’t been officially released in all countries due to differing time zones. But you can listen to the unlisted version of the song here.

Fall in love with the duo’s interesting use of instrumental chords and captivating voices. There’s certainly a successful music career for both of them ahead. We are hoping that they collaborate on more original songs together soon and we get to hear amazing duets in future as well!

Aidan Gallagher’s Upcoming Releases

Gallagher has released four club versions of his original track Blue Neon this year.  The duet with Trinity Rose titled Miss You is releasing tomorrow. He has two more releases in books; Time releasing on May 10 and For You releasing on 7th June. He is also planning for more songs which have not been announced yet but we hope there are more since 2019 is still young.

Trinity Rose’s Upcoming Releases

Rose has released many original tracks till date and all of them will definitely surprise you. She wrote her first song with her sister when she was 11. And her upcoming releases include Walk The Air and EP titled Coughing Up Flowers.

Though, these two are working on solo projects we can hope there’s another collaboration in the making.

We also have a surprise coming, stay tuned!