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Environmentalist Aidan Gallagher Promotes Earth Day the Right Way

Aidan Gallagher is not just an actor and a musician, he is a true environmentalist. He tried to save the world in The Umbrella Academy, a Netflix original series. And fortunately, he is doing the same in real life as well.

The world celebrated Earth Day on April 22 and Gallagher highlighted very important issues that our planet is facing today. In fact, he is UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador for North America since 2018. Due to his relentless efforts for saving the planet for a long time, he was selected at just the age of 14.

Aidan Gallagher Promotes Documentary Racing Extinction

Aidan Gallagher recently shared 3 video messages promoting Racing Extinction on Earth Day. Racing Extinction is basically a documentary that explains the heartbreaking ongoing mass extinction of species. The team is still determined to do whatever it takes to prevent this mass extinction.

Hold the Straw; Save Marine Life

A day before the earth Day, Gallagher shared a simple thing we could all do to save marine life. We just have to give up plastic straws. It seems as if it something minor but it could actually help our oceans and all the life in it.

Gallagher himself explains:

There are up to 8.3 Billion plastic straws floating in our world’s oceans. 1M seabirds and 100k marine animals die from ingesting plastic straws.

Certainly, no one can deny the harm plastic straws put to our planet.

Meatless Mondays is a win-win Situation for All

Gallagher shares how eating pasta can save the planet as well!

He explains:

One of the biggest threats to the world is climate change.

Climate change has long been a worrying problem for humanity, there’s enough scientific evidence to support that despite whatever personal opinion any politician holds.

But what has pasta got to do with any of it?

Well, Gallagher explains how meat from cows is one of the major contributors to global warming. In fact, one cow produces 176 pounds of methane per year. Collectively, cows are responsible for 260 Billion pounds of methane per year!

Gallagher elaborates:

All this methane is the driving force behind the climate change.

By going for meatless Mondays and eating pasta instead of meat, you can help the planet and climate change.

Aidan Gallagher: Let us do it on Earth Day and Everyday

Aidan Gallagher shares the alarming fact that we can lose half of our animal species in next 100 years if we do not take a step today. Altogether we have to stop extinction of species and save our planet, our home.

We can all make a difference by joining the racing extinction challenge. Everyone can make a difference by using their voice and raising the issues on their social profiles.